Image of Student Wellness Advocate logo and text that reads "Supporting Student Learning, Success and Retention Through Improved Wellbeing"

Student Wellness Advocates are a network of UM faculty and staff who have been recognized by students as being supportive of student success and well-being.  Research indicates that the experiences students have in the learning environment significantly impact success, retention, and overall well-being.  The Student Wellness Advocate program is designed to identify and celebrate UM employees who respond to the needs of students in a way that helps them thrive both personally and academically.  Students Wellness Advocates are nominated by students, presented with a certificate of recognition and provided with a “Student Wellness Advocate” sign they can display.  

Would you like to nominate someone to be a Student Wellness Advocate? Click here to fill out a nomination form.

If you would like to know more about the Student Wellness Advocate program, please contact the Curry Health Center Wellness Department at 243-2809.

Current Student Wellness Advocates

Keith Jakob Accounting & Finance
Tobin Miller Shearer African-American Studies
Ardeshir Kia Anthropology
G.G. Weix Anthropology
Kevin Bell Art
Trey Hill Art
Valerie Hedquist Art
Creagh Breuner Biological Sciences
Morgan Slemberger Blackstone LaunchPad
Ruth Williams Business Services
Charlie Wellenstein Center for Children, Families & Workforce Development
Alex Metcalf College of Forestry & Conservation
Christiane Von Reichert College of Forestry & Conservation
Edwin Burke College of Forestry & Conservation
Elizabeth Dodson College of Forestry & Conservation
Elizabeth Metcalf College of Forestry & Conservation
Megan Schultz College of Forestry & Conservation
Joanna Campbell College of Forestry & Conservation/Wilderness Institute
Christina Yoshimura Communication Studies
Steven Schwarze Communication Studies
Michael Cassens Computer Science
Jeff Adams Curry Health Center
Kayli Julius Curry Health Center
Linda Green Curry Health Center
John Lund Davidson Honors College
Erin Saldin Davison Honors College
Nicky Phear Davison Honors College
Amy Capolupo Disability Services
Bernadine Gantert Disability Services
Douglas Dalenberg Economics
Stacia Graham Economics
Amy Ratto Parks English
Erin Wecker English
Kathleen Kane English
Quan Manh Ha English
Traolach O'Riordain English
Dan Spencer Environmental Studies
Rachel Dierken Global Engagement Office
Charles Palmer Health and Human Performance
Holly Carnes Health and Human Performance
Valerie Moody Health and Human Performance
Michelle Johnsen Humanities & Sciences
Lorrie Deyott Information Technology
Kathleen Whetzel Journalism
Kevin Tompkins Journalism
Lee Banville Journalism
Nadia White Journalism
Anthony Johnstone Law
Cathay Y. N. Smith Law
Cynthia Ford Law
Elaine Gagliardi Law
Hillary Wandler Law
Maria Mangold Law
Michelle Bryan Law
Pippa Browde Law
Sally Weaver Law
Samuel Panarella Law
Sara Rinfret Law
Stacey Gordon Sterling Law
Gerald Evans Management Information Systems
Jerry Furniss Management Information Systems
Michael Harrington Management Information Systems
Cory Palmer Mathematical Sciences
Lauren Fern  Mathematical Sciences
Alison Pepper Missoula College
Colin Henderson Missoula College
Greg Peters Missoula College
Jessica Kumm Missoula College
Lisa Swallow Missoula College
James Randall Music
Jeffery Brandt Music
Jennifer Cavanaugh Music
Luis Millan Music
Margaret Baldridge Music
Zachary Cooper Music
Wade Davies Native American Studies
Paula Short Office of President
Soazig Le Bihan Philosophy/Pre-Law
Mark Reiser Physics & Astronomy
Nate McCrady Physics and Astronomy
Bryan Cochran Psychology
Kinsie Dunham Psychology
Laura Kirsch Psychology
Annie Sondag Public Health & Community Health Sciences
Cindy Leary Public Health & Community Health Sciences
Laura Dybdal Public Health & Community Health Sciences
Drew Colling SARC
Janet Finn Social Work
Kate Pruitt Chapin Social Work
Katharina Werner Social Work
Laurie Walker Social Work
Mary Ann Bowman Social Work
Daisy Rooks Sociology
Al Yonovitz Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Catherine Off Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Ginger Collins Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Jenna Griffin Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Jennifer Shoffer Closson Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Meghann Schroeder Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences
Hailey Michelson Student Involvement Network
Eva Rocke Sustainability/ VP admin
Bonnie Spence Teaching and Learning
Morgen Alwell Teaching and Learning
Scott Hohnstein Teaching and Learning
Bernadette Sweeney Theater & Dance
Nicole Bradley Browning Theater & Dance
Heather Hibbard TRIO SSS
Peter Donaldson TRIO SSS
Dale Robertson UC Administration
Karen Schlatter UC Administration
Kelly Chadwick UC Administration
Kayla Jackson UM Housing
Nathan Domitrovich Undergraduate Advising Center
Breanna Roy McCabe University Relations/Journalism
Elizabeth Hubble Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Caroline Lonski World Languages and Cultures
Liz Ametsbichler World Languages and Cultures
Mladen Kozul World Languages and Cultures
Zhen Cao World Languages and Cultures