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Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

We believe in personalized medicine, not a one size fits all approach. Because losing weight and keeping it off involves many factors, we created a comprehensive team to ensure you get all the support and education needed for long term success. Curry Health Center Medical and Wellness departments created this clinic to empower students to take control of their health and prevent future chronic diseases. The clinic will be run by a medical doctor, physician assistant, and certified health coach.

Clinic Integrated Approach:

  • Assist patients in education around a healthy balanced diet and how to increase activity level
  • Behavior modification through Health Coaching at Curry Health Center
  • When appropriate, prescription medications to help promote weight loss
  • Consultation with doctor regarding weight-related disease and risk-factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, and other complications
  • One on one meeting with personal health coach to set goals and measure outcomes

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