Cyber Innovation Lab

The Cyber Innovation Lab is located in Room 107 of the Interdisciplinary Science Building on the University of Montana campus.  The purpose of the lab is to provide a collaborative space to support undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, guest speakers, and community business partners in their studies of Big Data Analytics, Information Assurance, and Cyber Security Forensics.  Opened in January, 2014, the lab is designed to provide hardware and software in an isolated computing environment that fosters experiential learning, creativity, and discovery.


Activities will include:

  • Guest lecturers
  • Demonstrations
  • Short courses
  • Lab time for students/faculty/researchers
  • Competitions
  • University and community resource
  • Support for Data Science curriculum and Data Science Center
  • Webinars

Hardware:  18 PCs, 4 iMACs and 2 laptops in easily reconfigurable room layout, servers, VM environment, and supporting networking devices

Software:  Symantec, compilers, Hadoop, R, SPSS, Redaction software, datasets for various disciplines

Network access: Option for isolation from UM and Internet or Ethernet GB to desktop from UM backbone

AV:  projectors and screens for student viewing from all angles if working in groups

Access:  Griz Card swipe access or general purpose access for classes and labs

Scheduling: Request room access at 25Live or email CYBERLAB to reserve room with indication of dates, times, hardware and software needs

Acceptable Use Policies:  Adherence to MUS/BOR policies, ethical computer use specified in student conduct code, and lab management policies