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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - February 26, 2013

UC Alumni Boardroom


  • Welcome, Announcements (Blakely)
    • Approval of January meeting minutes (Blakely)
    • Check in about past, present and future diversity events on campus and in the community (Everyone!)
  • Subcommittee Updates - Nancy Borgmann award (Blakely), Student awards (Juana), Mini-grants (Juana)
  • Location and Unveiling of the Nancy Borgmann plaque update – (Ray - tentative)
  • Student membership in DAC – recent Kaimin article – revisiting for how to increase student participation/enrollment in DAC (open discussion)
  • Subcommittee to develop DAC poster design contest for students (Rhondie, Blakely)
  • Formulating a plan for DAC to move forward to fulfill Strategic Choice No. 4 (Lucy, Blakely) 
    • To prepare for this discussion please review the strategic choice 4 goals in the attached Action Item Progress Chart  
  • Good and Welfare; Adjourn


Present: Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Kelsi Camp, Dora LaCasse, Blakely Brown, Barb Seekins, Melissa Steinike, Carey Davis, Ray Carlisle, Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma, Benjamin Courteau, Marcie Briggs, Chuck Harris, Bharath Srirman, Olivia Holter, Diana Anyango


The January meetings minutes were approved.

The following upcoming events were shared: the Griz Glow Dash & Dance is coming up and it is a fundraiser for the Campus Rec youth camps programs this summer, India Week is March 1st-9th,  the Tunnel of Oppression is scheduled for March 4th-6th, March 8th is International Women’s Day, an Accessibility Camp will take place on March 9th, the KyiYo Powwow is April 19th-21st, and the International Festival is on March 24th.

Six applications were received for the 2013 Nancy Borgman award. The deadline for nominations for the Student Awards in March 1st. Dora provided a draft of the application process for the minigrants. She will also send it out electronically so people can provide feedback by March 8th.

Ray is scheduling a meeting with Kevin Krebsbach to decide on the placement of the Nancy Borgman Award plaque. Anyone interested in walking the campus beforehand and making a list of possibilities or going him at the meeting with Kevin should let him know.

Blakely noted that there was an article in the Kaimin recently focused on student involvement on the DAC. The following people volunteered to outreach to specific student groups before the next meeting: Barb – ADSUM and ISA, Ray – Lambda Alliance and KyiYo, and Ben – ASUM.

The group then focused their discussion on Strategic Choice 4, goal 4.1, of the diversity plan and some options for annual reporting on diversity items. It was noted that EEO/AA office already provides reporting for diversity to the Board of Regents. Ray believes that this reporting is too big for one office and that it should be a group effort from office across the campus. Having one person from each college/school/unit/sector would capture all the information. Blakely noted that besides the biannual survey and reporting there is also an annual report compiled for the President that details diversity efforts on campus.

Natalie suggested having a data collection method ready and streamlined before asking people to add more tasks to their full days.  Ray also suggested that a small group of people decide who should be responsible and what data would be collected and noted that the DAC should not be the sole implementer. Natalie also suggested adding questions to pre-existing requests that gather information for a college/school/unit/sector. Blakely said she would meet with Lucy in a few days to discuss this further and would send out an update via email before the March meeting. 

Next meeting

March 21, 2013, 10:00 a.m., UC 330