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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - September 16, 2013


Present- Maria Cole, Eric M. Guttierrez, Udo Fluck, Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Colter Bloc, Jonathan Knudson, Lucila Rudge, Jason Granvold, Darlene Samson, Mika Watanabe, Rhondie Voorhes, Len Leibinger, Emily Ferguson, Heather Bruce, Carey Davis, Blakely Brown, Olivia Holter, Barb Seekins, Juana Alcala

May 2013 Meeting Notes- approved

Brief history of the DAC- Ray could not make it today, look forward to his take on the history at next months meeting. If you would like to know more about the History of the DAC go to and click on the history tab.

Roster (Blakely)- the most current roster (9-16-13) is not yet posted on the DAC website. The LAMBDA position has been filled. Vacancy for the African Student Union. Considering getting different student groups represented in the DAC for this next year. It would be good to expand the student list to have greater representation of the student community on the DAC. More appropriate to have the International student Union represented rather than the African student union, but be sure to include the “Black Student Union.” The Presidents Office will need to approve the expansion of the DAC membership to increase the number of student representatives. Maria and Blakely will send a MEMO to the President requesting this membership revision.
Recruiting Students to the DAC: If we did a blanket call to students for participation it could be more beneficial to the committee so that more students could participate. Make sure there is a diverse representation of students on the DAC. Discussion continued about the approach of having a blanket call to students and maybe forming a DAC Student Subcommittee with only 7 voting members could be really beneficial. Making sure that the students are interested in Diversity. Finding a way to market this to students: use ASUM to get the message out. Discussion about increasing the number of students from the International Student Association to two representatives. People are always welcome to come; you don’t have to be on the DAC to come to the open meetings.

Budget- (Natalie) The President’s Office allocated $8,854 to the DAC for FY14. This is slightly down from previous years ($10,000 allocation). Making sure that we are using the right index numbers for spending this year.. For the next meeting, a spreadsheet of where money was spent last year will be sent to DAC members before the October meeting. We will discuss where to allocate this year’s $$ at the October meeting.
-NCBI update (Maria): NCBI budget set at $7,000 this year – funded by the President’s office. This is down from last year ($10,000). In August, Maria and Blakely solicited funds from the Provost and Academic Student Affairs Offices to increase the amount to $10,000, but were unsuccessful. . If anyone has any ideas of where else we might solicit funds ($3,000) please let Maria or Blakely know. Currently have 10 active NCBI trainers on campus. NCBI will be hosting another ‘Train-the-Trainer’ this year from October 11-13. Contact Heidi Wallace, Executive Director of NCBI, at 541-6891 if you are interested in becoming a certified NCBI trainer.

Call for volunteers on DAC and ad-hoc subcommittees (Blakely)
Mini Grants- DAC does earmark a certain percentage of the budget to mini grants. Last year we completed a process to have one application on the DAC website that encourages students, faculty and staff to apply for these mini grants. This subcommittee decides whether to accept or deny applications. Already one application for a mini grant received.
Chair- To be decided
Members- Jen, Emily, Juana, Carey, Darlene
Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award- a $1500 award to a faculty or staff member who has exemplified work in the field of diversity. Meets a couple of times to decide who will be the recipient.
Chair- Udo Fluck
Members- Melissa, Lucila Rudge, Barb, Rhondie
Student Awards Ceremony (Diversity Awards) talks about the entire process of how the awards ceremony will work, as well as pick the students who get the awards. Pick the entertainment for the awards ceremony, basically making sure the day goes off without a hitch. Chair? Members – Rhondie, Blakely, Juana, Emily, Heather…others?
Diversity Assessment ad-hoc committee
Chair- Blakely and Maria (co-chairs)
Members- Blakely, Maria, Ray, Chuck, Bharath Emily, Juana, Rhondie, Jen, Heather – this ad hoc committee is exploring ways for the University to continually assess what diversity activities are in place across campus.

Action: Blakely asked all Subcommittees is to meet and organize before our October 14 meeting. Chairs: Please contact Olivia if you need names and email contacts of the people on your subcommittee.

Discussion-Diversity Action Plan, Diversity website page and additional activities that we want to work on this year (Maria, Blakely, all members)
-Everyone was encouraged to go and look at the Diversity Action Plan and review, and think about what action item we would like to focus on this next year. – further discussion on this at the October meeting.
-Diversity Web page needs updating. The majority of the links on the site are broken and other information is inaccurate or outdated. Enrollment Services counts on DAC committee members to provide information on updates that need to be completed. The buttons at the bottom related to hazing, harassment and discrimination can be moved and the website can adopt the new UM ‘look.’ An updated site will enable Enrollment Services to use the site as a tool. Enrollment Services and EO/AA office will partner to ensure we are following the Diversity Action Plan and creating a functional, clean look.

Office of EO/AA vision for diversity and related activities (Eric Gutierrez). The Office of EO/AA will host a brown bag discussion on diversity this fall. Moderators of the discussion are currently being selected. Eric hopes we can have more open forums across campus this year – to get more people engaged in discussions (and awareness) about the importance of diversity, what it means to people, and how it is manifested at UM and the surrounding community. Diversity issues will be examined and discussed openly and respectfully.

Student poster competition on diversity (Rhondie)
This could be a way that we really portray to our community the richness of diversity that our community has. One way we could do this is through a poster competition so that students can make art, and come up with a slogan and have their poster displayed all over campus. Rhondie will think more about the various components of having a poster competition this year and bring this back to the DAC in October or November. If you want to help Rhondie explore this possibility please contact her directly.

Mark your Calendars – Fall Semester DAC meetings

October 14, 2013-Monday 12:30-2PM UC 331
November 21, 2013- Thursday 9:30-11:00 AM UC 326
December TBA – sometime during the last week of classes Fall semester