Food Zoo Reusable To-Go Container Program

Why a reusable to-go container?

UM student Anton Gabrielson developed the program proposal using Kless Renewable Energy Loan Funds to reduce the Food Zoo To-Go Program’s waste stream and to encourage thoughtful use of resources. If you are interested in advancing sustainable programs on campus visit:

So I purchased a container, now what?

The $5 fee is for the reusable container service which gives you use of a container. Once you’re issued a container, use it for that meal, rinse it out ASAP and then bring it with you to the Food Zoo the next time you wish to use the to-go program. All used containers must be washed and sanitized in our dish room. A used container bin will be located next to each cash register. When you swipe for your meal drop off the used container and ask the cashier for a clean container. As long as you are in possession of a container, you are part of the program.

What happens if I crush, break, or lose my container?

Just like any other item, you are responsible for taking proper care of the container in your possession. Damage other than normal wear and tear is considered your responsibility; if you wish to continue the Reusable To-Go Program you’ll need to pay a new $5 fee.

Can I microwave the containers?

As with any plastic, please do not put the reusable containers in the microwave.

What happens to the containers when they’re past their usable life? 

The reusable containers are recyclable. Please bring the ‘spent’ container back to the Food Zoo. Containers past their usable life due to normal wear and tear will be exchanged for a new one at no additional cost. Please be sure to tell the cashier the container is broken so we know to take it out of circulation.