Campus Dining Halloween Costume Contest

Campus Dining will be hosting our second annual Halloween Costume Contest on October 31st for all classified, temporary, and student staff members currently employed by Campus Dining. Participation in this festive event is completely voluntary. Please consult the rules and consult with your supervisor if you have any questions about this event.


Campus Dining will be awarding three winners for each of the following categories, including an overall grand prize winner for best costume. Bear Bucks will be awarded for each of the following amounts. 

  • Overall Grand Prize Winner $100 Bear Bucks
  • First Place, $50 Bear Bucks each category
  • Second Place, $25 Bear Bucks category
  • Third Place, $10 Bear Bucks category

Categories will include the following: 

  1. Best Costume Retail Operations 
  2. Best Costume Residential Dining
  3. Best Costume Operational Support
  4. Grand prize overall.

Official Rules

  1. Open to all student, temporary, and classified employees.
  2. Costumes:
    1. Must not be obscene as defined by the major motion picture industry. No R-rated costumes will be allowed at work or may be entered as an official entry.
    2. Cannot interfere with the assigned job.
    3. Be unsafe in any fashion. The supervisor on duty may allow a picture to be taken first and then modify the costume to allow work.
  3. Contestants will be judged by a photograph. Photos need to be sent in by 11:00 pm on Halloween by emailing
    • We will accept phone pictures as long as we can see them.
    • UMCD Marketing will also be around to take a lot of pictures throughout the day!
    • Only one entry or video per person. The entrant must choose the best picture.
  4. The judges will include the Associate Directors and Trail Bundy. They will be judging entries on originality, execution, and coolness.
  5. Employees must show up for work in the costume unless for the following exceptions:
    • Employees are scheduled off for the day. Employees working during the 31st would not be eligible if they did not wear the costume to work.
    • Employees are scheduled to work a catering event. These employees would be granted the work exception. Obviously catering students should not show up in costume other than a clean pressed shirt, tie and slacks.
    • Be scheduled at a job which would not be safe for a costume. These employees would be granted the work exception. This is solely at the discretion of the supervisor.
    • We will accept photos from these exceptional employees before or after work.
  6. All entrants, by entering the contest, agree to have the image used in future publications, our website, and for publicity and display.
  7. Images must include contact information. The entrant must be currently employed by Campus Dining as a classified, student or temporary employee.