Student Leadership Program FAQs

Q. How do I get started?

A. Speak to your unit manager or associate director to determine what opportunities are available in Campus Dining. Work with your manager to complete all requirements outlined in the Individual Student Eligibility and Authorization Form.


Q. If my unit does not have supervisory opportunities, can I apply in other Campus Dining areas or are there leadership opportunities which do not require me to supervise?

A. Absolutely!  This program is designed to find the right student employee for each leadership position regardless of where they started with Campus Dining.


Q. When is the next Leadership Certification Course?

A. Courses are scheduled as needed and there is always a course right before classes begin in both fall and spring semester. For dates contact Deb Hill or the UMCD Student Coordinator.


Q. How do I sign up for a Leadership Certification Course?

A. Only your associate director can approve your request to take the course.


Q. What if I can not attend the next course?

A. You will not be eligible for supervisory positions until you complete the Leadership Certification Training Course.


Q. If I take the Leadership Certification Course, will I be a supervisor when I complete the class?

A. Not automatically.  First there must be an opening for supervisor or manager position. You must still apply for open positions.


Q. What if my Student Employee Evaluation is not very good?  Do I get a second chance?

A. The evaluation is designed to identify areas needing improvement.  Work with your unit manager or associate director to develop an action plan to improve your performance.  You will not be eligible for a leadership position until you receive a more favorable evaluation.


Q. I have worked for Campus Dining for several years, why don't you have a longevity program?

A. Our program is designed to reward students who are willing to learn new skills and take on additional responsibilities.  We do not assume that because you have been rehired for several semesters that you are qualified to work independently, train new employees, and supervise operations.


Q. Will any of this training benefit my seeking jobs once I graduate?

A. We encourage you to list the Leadership Certification Course on your resume. Management training is a sought after skill in most employment opportunities.


Q. Can I hold more than one Student Leadership Position in different Campus Dining operations?

A. That would be unusual, but is possible.  The hour requirements for some positions might be a factor, but there is no rule against this happening.  An example might be a Student Service Supervisor in UM Concessions who works only weekends and having a similar position in one of the operations during the week. The challenge would be to find positions where the combined hours do not exceed 28 hours per week.


Q. What if my Unit Manager does not support me going to the Leadership Certification Course?

A. Start with your associate director.  If the non-support is based on performance issues, you will need to work with them to improve your performance.  If there are other factors, your Associate Director will help you sort them out.


Q. I have managed restaurants in the past and have extensive experience.  Do I still need to go through the Leadership Certification Course in order to become a student service supervisor or student manager?

A. It is still recommended, simply to become more familiar with our way of doing things.  However, the director of Campus Dining reserves the right to make exceptions to the program and would be happy to review someone's resume if requested by their associate director.


Q. My availability is limited because of classes.  Can I still participate in the Leadership Program?

A. Yes, but some supervisory positions have very specific hour requirements.  You must be able to meet those requirements in order to work in that position.


Please contact Deb Hill if you have further questions.