Awards for Faculty and Staff

The Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award

The Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award, named in honor of a former Director of the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office, recognizes contributions made by an individual who supports the University's mission on diversity. The award comes with a prize. All full-time permanent University employees, with the exception of those currently serving on the Diversity Advisory Council, who have contributed substantially to cultural diversity at UM are eligible for this award.

Questions? Contact Mika Watanabe, Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award subcommittee member, at 406-243-6535 or

This year's Awardee:

  • Tobin Miller Shearer, Associate Professor, Department of History

UM Employee Recongition Day is on April 13 from 3-5pm.

Awards for Students

The Student Diversity Leadership Awards (formally Student Achievement Awards)

The submission deadline for the Diversity Leadership Awards nominations: April 21 by 5pm

Diversity Advisory Council honors students for their leadership and support of diversity with the Student Diversity Leadership Awards (formally Student Achievement Award). All students, faculty and staff are invited to submit nominations online. Learn more about Student Diversity Leadership Awards

Questions? Contact Adrianne Donald, Student Achievement Award Subcommittee Chair, at 406-243-6029 or

Diversity Funding Award

The Diversity Funding Award cycle for FY 17 is NOW CLOSED

You can view the online application.

In support of campus activities that promote and enrich cultural diversity at the University of Montana, the Diversity Advisory Council invites campus community to submit proposals for funding consideration. 

Questions? Contact Co-Chairs, Laurie Walker ( or Wilena Old Person (