Unisex or Gender-Neutral Restrooms on Mountain Campus

Building Location Notes
Liberal Arts Room 160 A unisex accessible restroom is located on the 1st floor just down the hall from the elevator.
University Center First floor A unisex family restroom is located on the 1st floor near the Griz Card Center. Accessible.
University Center Rooms 202 and 204 Two unisex restroms in The Branch Center. Accessible.
University Hall First floor A unisex restroom for faculty and staff is located on the north end of the 1st floor. Not accessible.
International House Main floor A unisex restroom is located on the main floor off of the living/meeting room. Accessible.
Corbin Hall Basement A unisex restroom is located in the basement. Because the door does not lock, signs on the door can be set by the user to indicate if the facility is occupied, and by which sex. Accessible.
George & Jane Dennison Theatre Two unisex restrooms are located in stage right warm-up area, adjacent to the loading dock.
Music Building Room 123 Unisex restroom for faculty.
Law School Unisex restroom near loading dock/library delivery entrance.
PAR/TV Building Room 203 Unisex restroom next to control booth in the Montana Theatre. Not accessible.
Math Building Room 007 Unisex restroom in the basement, room 007. Accessible.
Gallagher Business Building Room 387 Unisex restroom on third floor, room 387. Accessible.
Curry Health Center Rooms 113 and 113A Two unisex restrooms, rooms 113 and 113A. Not accessible.
Turner Hall First floor Unisex restroom on first floor.
Residence Halls First floor Unisex restrooms in each of the residence halls on the first floor that are open to the public.
Fitness and Recreation Center First floor Unisex restroom on first floor.
Fine Arts Building First floor Unisex restroom on first floor. Accessible.

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