Institutional Diversity Plan

Diversity is a core value of the UM 2020 Strategic Plan. It is an imperative component for building and maintaining a dynamic learning environment. UM's plan for embracing and enhancing diversity is organized around four strategic choices and specific goals and action items flow from those choices.

Definition of Diversity

The following definition of diversity does not limit but provides a context for this Plan.

The University of Montana seeks to enhance diversity by recognizing and embracing the differences in age, ideas and perspectives, disabilities, creed, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, national origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, and the socioeconomic and geographic composition of its faculty, administrative professionals, staff, and students.

In its effort to enhance diversity, the University of Montana recognizes that particular focused effort must be placed on including members of groups who have historically been subject to discrimination and are still underrepresented in the campus community.

Context Statement

Laws and Policy

The Diversity Plan is consistent with the Board of Regents Minority Achievement Policy 1902, as well as Article X, Section 1 of the Montana Constitution of 1972 and Montana statutory law regarding Indian Education for All.

Nothing in this Diversity Plan infringes on academic freedom.

Strategic Choices

Choice1: Enhance the campus culture of understanding, respect, support, and advancement of diversity. 

Choice 2: Create avenues for access to the academy and for success within the academy for all individuals, and particularly populations historically underrepresented in the academy.

Choice3: Educate and prepare students to contribute and thrive in a multicultural society. 

Choice 4: Develop an organizational structure to ensure implementation, evaluation and periodic renewal of strategic choices 1-3.