Diversity Funding Award Application Process

The Diversity Funding Award applications for FY 17 is now OPEN.  

The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) invites UM student groups, faculty or staff to submit proposals for funding consideration. DAC funds activities and events that promote and enrich the cultural diversity of UM. There is no deadline to apply; but we encourage groups to apply early to maximize their opportunities for funding. Applications must be submitted by a current student, faculty, or staff member and proposals that demonstrate collaboration among students, faculty and staff are highly encouraged. Each application will be evaluated based on the criteria listed below. For questions about the process, please contact Co-Chairs, Laurie Walker (laurie.walker@mso.umt.edu) or Wilena Old Person (wilena.oldperson@mso.umt.edu

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Event fosters diversity on campus/in the campus community
  • Shows potential to make a lasting impact
  • Outlines a clear budget

Recent examples of successful proposals include:

  • Partial funding of a guest lecture hosted by La Gente Unida
  • Partial funding of a Native American Law Student Association film festival, alumni reception and youth conference
  • Partial funding of the International Culture and Food Festival sponsored by the International Student Association and Foreign Student and Scholar Services
  • Partial funding of a Middle East Peace Panel sponsored by the Model Arab League (Northern Rockies)

Recent examples of unfunded proposals:

  • Those that were incomplete
  • Those that were submitted after the deadline
  • Those that provided little or no evidence of efforts to secure funding in addition to that requested from the DAC
  • Those whose intended audiences were either limited in scope or did not comprise the campus community
  • Those that requested honoraria for UM employees

Requirements of accepting the Diversity Funding Award:

  • Written and Verbal presentation to Diversity Advisory Council 
  • DAC Logo will be used as part of any publication of the event
  • Awardee will provide pictures to the DAC for their website of your event
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