Notetaking service

To request the notetaking service, the student meets first with his/her Disability Services coordinator. If the coordinator verifies the right to peer-note taking as a reasonable modification, Disability Services will: 
  • provide photocopying services.
  • provide a $30 in UMoney to the volunteer notetaker. 

Submission Deadline

Disability Services will not accept incomplete Note Taker Stipend forms or those submitted after the deadline.

  • Autumn Semester 2019: Monday, December 2, 2019

Arrange a Notetaker

  1. Obtain the Note Taker Stipend Form at the Disability Services' front desk in Lommasson Center 154. 

  2. Find a qualified classmate to share notes with you. If a search is unsuccessful, ask your instructor for his/her assistance in finding a notetaker by making an announcement in the class.  

    An example of the announcement: "A student with a disability is looking for a notetaker in this class. The notetaker will receive $30 in UMoney per semester from Disability Services. Please see me after class for more information."

    Notify your Disability Services coordinator if you encounter difficulty securing a volunteer note taker. 

  3. Submit the Note Taker Stipend Form by the deadline. 

    • For students at the Mountain Campus: submit the forms to the Disability Services Front Desk in Lommasson Center 154

    • For students at the Missoula College: submit the forms to Disability Services in Lommasson Center 154 or to Bonnie Kurien at Missoula College Room 032.  

Photocopying Services Locations

  • Mountain Campus - Disability Services front desk in Lommasson Center Room 154.

  • Missoula College River Campus - Learning Center in Room 022 on River Level.

  • Missoula College West Campus - West Campus Office room TT6.

  • Bitterroot College - See Kathleen O'Leary or Erin Rosenkrance, Room 101.