UM Agreement to Improve Services to Students with Disabilities

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Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 9:44 AM
Subject: UM Agreement to Improve Services to Students with Disabilities

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Royce C. Engstrom, President

As part of our ongoing interest in serving the breadth of our student population, we're announcing today that we've signed an agreement with the Office for Civil Rights confirming our commitment to ensure that the technology we use on campus is accessible to all students.

Over the past two years, the University has worked closely with national experts at the National Federation of the Blind as well as the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights and with international expert (and Missoula resident) George Kerscher on accessibility.

The agreement, available online at, outlines a series of steps the University will take - and many we've already taken - to ensure that students with disabilities have full access to the range of electronic and information technology that is such an important part of learning today.

A number of offices have worked collaboratively across campus to provide effective access and to offer more resources for students, faculty and staff. That effort includes the Alliance for Disability and Students at UM, our IT experts in both Central and Student Affairs, the Mansfield Library, Disability Services for Students, UMOnline with the School of Extended and Lifelong Learning, and more. Just today, two people who've contributed to this effort - Marlene Zentz of UMOnline and Janet Sedgley of Central IT - are in San Diego presenting UM's important work on Moodle and electronic publication reader accessibility, respectively.

I urge you to use this opportunity to learn more about the range of resources available on this campus by going to the Web page on accessibility at I also want to thank the dozens of people who continue to work on this important aspect of education and learning at UM.

Thank you.