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Environmental Law Group

The University of Montana

Montana Environmental Groups

Alliance for the Wild Rockies
Alliance for the Wild Rockies' non-profit mission is to secure the ecological integrity of the Wild Rockies Bioregion through citizen empowerment, and the application of conservation biology, sustainable economic models and environmental law. Based in Missoula, MT.

American Wildlands
American Wildlands is a science-based non-profit conservation organization with a 22-year history of wilderness legislation and natural resource advocacy in the American West. American Wildland's mission is to promote, protect and restore biodiversity and advocate for sustainable management of the West's wildlands, watersheds, and wildlife, with special attention to the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Located in Bozeman, MT.

Bitter Root Land Trust
The Bitter Root Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization that works in partnership with landowners to conserve natural areas, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, and scenic open space in and around the Bitterroot Valley for the benefit of this and future generations. Located in Hamilton, MT.

Clark Fork Coalition
A non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana, working to protect and restore water quality throughout the Clark Fork River basin -- a 22,000 square mile area in western Montana and northern Idaho

Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers
Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers was formed in 1990 to promote awareness of and solutions to environmental, ecological and human rights issues, and to promote informed citizen participation in environmental, ecological and human rights issues through education and advocacy. Located in Missoula, MT.

Craighead Environmental Research Institute
The mission of the Institute is to increase humankind's understanding, appreciation, and protection of our natural environment; particularly wildlife populations and wild landscapes. Our goal is to enable human beings to live in harmony with other species. It is based in Bozeman, MT.

Five Valleys Land Trust
The Mission of Five Valleys Land Trust is to protect and preserve western Montana's natural legacy - our river corridors, wildlife habitat, agricultural lands, and scenic open spaces. Based in Missoula, MT.

Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment (FREE)
FREE advances conservation and environmental values by applying modern science and America's founding ideals to policy debates. We are intellectual entrepreneurs, explaining how economic incentives, secure property rights, and responsible prosperity can foster a healthy environment. While our seminars are explicitly pro-environment, they explain why ecological values are not the only important ones. We stress that trade-offs among competing values are inescapable. We show why it is ethically and materially irresponsible to pretend such choices can be avoided. Based in Bozeman, MT.

Gallatin Wildlife Association
Promotes restoration, maintenance and perpetuation of native fish, wildlife and their habitat. Promotes and supports sound management of fish and wildlife including public hunting and fishing on an optimum, sustained yield basis. Located in Bozeman, MT.

Great Bear Foundation
Promoting conservation of wild bears and their natural habitat worldwide since 1982.  Based in Missoula, MT.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition
GYC was founded in 1983 on a simple premise that a healthy, wild ecosystem can prosper only if it is kept whole. Since that time GYC has emerged as a nationally known advocate for the idea that ecosystem management should guide the management of the region's public and private lands. GYC's goal is to preserve and protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the unique quality of life it sustains. Based in Bozeman, MT.

Montana Conservation Corps
Montana Conservation Corps brings together Montana's commitment to its people and its natural resources by enhancing citizenship and employability through stewardship of our lands and community service. Based in Helena with a regional office in Missoula.

Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC)
The Montana Environmental Information Center is a member-supported statewide advocacy and public education organization. It was founded by concerned Montanans in 1973 to protect and restore Montana's natural environment. Often referred to as Montana's environmental watchdog, MEIC lobbies the state legislature, monitors state government, educates the public about environmental issues and provides citizens and communities with organizing and technical assistance.  Located in Missoula, MT.

Montana River Action
Montana River Action strives to lead the ever-growing grassroots effort to preserve, protect, enhance, and restore Montana's rivers, water bodies and their watersheds for their natural, recreational, and cultural values. Based in Bozeman, MT.

Montana Land Reliance
As a statewide land trust the Montana Land Reliance (MLR) is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of ecologically unique private land including agricultural land, watersheds, riparian areas, wetlands and scenic open spaces. Based in Helena, MT.

Montana Trout Unlimited
Working to protect, preserve and enhance Montana's wild trout fisheries.

Montana Wilderness Association
MWA was founded in 1958 to advocate the protection of Montana's wilderness resource. Six years later, MWA leaders were instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Wilderness Act. Since that time, MWA has led the fight to protect Montana's wild lands, National Forest, and BLM areas, including the Bob Marshall, Absaroka-Beartooth, Rattlesnake, Welcome Creek, Great Bear, Anaconda-Pintler, Scapegoat, and Lee Metcalf Wilderness Areas MWA Mission Statement; To protect and preserve all of Montana's remaining wild lands and naturally functioning ecosystems. Headquartered in Helena with regional offices.

Montana Wildlife Federation
Founded in 1935 by conservationists, landowners, hunters and anglers, the MWF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources and wildlife heritage including fishing and hunting. We are not affiliated with any state agency, but rather we are a membership contribution organization composed of everyday citizens. We are united in a common appreciation for wildlife and for all that wildlife contributes to our lives and culture. Located in Helena, MT.

Native Forest Network
The Native Forest Network is a global autonomous collective of forest activists, indigenous peoples, conservation biologists and non-governmental organizations. It's mission is to protect the world's remaining native forest be they temperate or otherwise, to ensure they can survive, flourish and maintain their evolutionary potential. National organization with a Missoula office.

Northern Plains Resource Council
The Northern Plains Resource Council is committed to land stewardship, to the preservation of family farms and ranches and small businesses, and to providing the information and tools necessary to give citizens an effective voice in decisions that affect their lives. Recognizing the need to balance the quest for economic gain with social and environmental responsibility, NPRC strives to protect Montana's water, land, air, and unique quality of life in order to pass them on, unimpaired, to future generations.  Based in Billings, MT.

Predator Conservation Alliance
Predator Conservation Alliance works to conserve and restore ecosystem integrity by protecting predators and their habitats. Located in Bozeman, MT.

Rock Creek Alliance

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
The mission of the Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is headquartered in Missoula, MT.

Wilderness Watch
Wilderness Watch is a national nonprofit conservation organization dedicated solely to the preservation and enhancement of American Wildernesses and Wild & Scenic Rivers. Based in Missoula, MT.


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