Offer Support

Provide Help to a Student

At the University of Montana, employees have an obligation to report to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX (Title IX Coordinator) when it has been disclosed that a student has been a victim or perpetrator of sexual misconduct, stalking, relationship violence, or retaliation in accordance with the UM Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking, and Retaliation.

As a faculty or staff, you work closely with students, building trust and often becoming a person a student will turn to for support. EO/TIX will work with you to help preserve that relationship. By reporting to EO/TIX you are helping the student access resources and support on and off campus. EO/TIX will assist the student with any immediate concerns, such as safety and housing, or classroom arrangements. EO/TIX also works closely with campus partners, including the Dean of Students, UM Housing, SARC, and UMPD, to consider issues of safety for the campus community. 

Recognize that the person coming to you for help might be struggling with difficult feelings like anger, fear, denial, or embarrassment.

"I'm sorry that this happened. I appreciate you telling me and would like to help. Is there anything I can do that would be most helpful to you right now?"

Inform the student right away that you are required to report the information they tell you to the Title IX Coordinator. Informed consent such as this allows the victim to choose how much to tell you. Do not discuss the situation with anyone other than the Title IX Coordinator without the student’s permission.

Give assurance that campus and community resources can help. Encourage students to report directly to Title IX and offer to help. Offer to walk the student over to SARC (Student Advocacy Resource Center) or Curry Health Counseling Center. (Resources)

Call: (406) 243-5710 | Email: | Use the Online Report Form

In accordance with University policy, all University employees must report within 24 hours, the information they have about alleged or possible sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct involving students to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX. (More about reporting)