Title IX and Student Sexual Misconduct: What Employees Need to Know

How should I respond if a student tells me they have been the victim of sexual misconduct?

Listen with compassion. 

Recognize that the person coming to you for help might be struggling with difficult feelings like anger, fear, denial, or embarrassment.

Explain confidentiality and mandated reporting. 

Inform the student right away that you are required to report the information they tell you to the Title IX Coordinator. Informed consent such as this allows the victim to choose how much to tell you. Do not discuss the situation with anyone other than the Title IX Coordinator without the student’s permission.

Offer Support.

Give assurance that campus and community resources can help. Offer to help the student report to Title IX or the police.

Emergency Services

9-1-1 to contact emergency services
UMPD emergency 243-4000, non-emergency 243-6131

Medical Assistance

Curry Health Center 243-4330 (24 hours)
First STEP Resource Center 329-5776 (24 hours)

Advocacy and Support

Student Advocacy Resource Center 243-6559 (24 hours)
Crime Victim Advocate Program 258-3830
YWCA of Missoula 542-1944 (24 hours)

Contact the Title IX Coordinator 

within 24 hours to report the information by calling 243-5710 or filling out the incident report form.


Pursuant to University policy and federal guidelines, unless you are a medical or counseling professional you are required to report any information you receive about sexual misconduct involving students, including names, within 24 hours to the Title IX Coordinator. If the complainant does not want to be contacted by us, we can provide information about reporting and support services through you. Our main concern is making sure the victim is aware of the resources that are available on campus and in the community. We also want to make sure that we can identify anyone who may be perpetrating misconduct on multiple victims.

The Title IX Coordinator investigates complaints of sexual misconduct involving both students and employees; both students and employees are covered by the Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking, and Retaliation policy. Please report the behavior by calling 243-5710 or filling out the incident report form.

UM's Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking, and Retaliation policy and procedures prohibit sexual harassment and sexual violence that affects anyone’s ability to participate in University programs and activities. UM also prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports sexual misconduct or participates in a University investigation into sexual misconduct or other forms of discrimination.

Contact Jessica Weltman, Title IX Coordinator, to arrange for additional training for your department or class. SARC also provides a variety of trainings, including bystander training, survivor assistance training, and stress management training.

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