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LecturePreview: Pundits and scholars often describe the Christian Right as a recent and entirely political phenomenon, a narrative of prejudice and polarization that has little to do with theology or the history of ideas. However, the culture wars have a backstory. The Christian Right is the product of a long civil war within evangelical ranks, a battle over intellectual authority with roots that stretch centuries into the past.
About: Molly Worthen currently teaches history at the University of North Carolina. Her research focuses are North American religious and intellectual history- particularly the ideas and culture of conservative Christianity in the twentieth century. Her most recent book examines American evangelical intellectual life since 1945. Worthen teaches courses in global Christianity, North American religious and intellectual culture, and the history of politics and ideology. She also writes about religion and politics for the New York Time, Slate, as well as other publications.
Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism by Molly Worthen