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Mansfield Conference Fall 2014

The Storied Past, the Troubled Future:

The Imperative of Wilderness at 50 Years

10-12 September

Featured speakers will include: Rep. Pat Williams, Donald Worster (University of Kansas) Holmes Rolston (Colorado State) Debbie Lee (Washington State University) Sharman Russell (Western New Mexico University) Samantha Harvey (Boise State University)

In passing the Wilderness Act 50 years ago, the United States Congress created a legal and ethical imperative to preserve wilderness as a public good. The fall 2014 Mansfield Conference will celebrate past work done to fulfill that imperative and consider the future challenges and controversies facing wilderness.  The conference will pay special attention to the key roles Montana and Montanans have played, and are playing, in pursing, establishing, and realizing, the imperative of wilderness.


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