2013 Mansfield Conference Videos

-- Co-sponsored by The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, The Project on American Democracy and Citizenship, The Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program, and The President’s Excellence Fund --

Mansfield Conference 2013: The Future of Health Care in America: Balancing Individual Rights with Social Responsibility. March 19-21, 2013, University of Montana. Free and open to the public.


At the heart of America’s long-standing debate about health and health care is a fundamental tension between individual rights and social responsibilities. Over the course of the Mansfield Conference, leading national and local thinkers will discuss a variety of topics where the tension between the individual and society comes into greater focus—for example, in the areas of medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, vaccination programs, obesity, and end-of-life care. The goal of the conference is provide a forum for informed discussions on these important and controversial issues and to increase awareness of, and sensitivity to, the political and ethical questions they raise.


Session 1

Paul Lauren, Introductory Remarks: "Ethics, Public Affairs, Human Rights & Health"

Jack Mudd, "The Practical and Moral Challenges of Healthcare Reform: Quality, Efficiency, and Personal Responsibility"

Session 2

James Morone, "Political Battles Over Health Care: Past, Present, and Future"

Session 3

Avik Roy, "A Conservative Vision for Universal Coverage"

Session 4

Mark Hall, "Should the Young Subsidize the Old? The Affordable Care Act's Communitarian Values"

Session 5

Jim Morone & Megan McArdle, "21st Century Health Care: Balancing the Tension Between Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities"

Session 6

Megan McArdle, "Overselling Obesity: Why Lean Cuisine Can't Solve our Health Care Cost Crisis"

Session 7

Round Table, "The Future of Health Care in Montana: Medicaid Expansion in Montana"

Session 8

Round Table, "The Future of Health Care in America"