Albert Borgmann Interviews

Ali Tabibnejad, a former student of Albert Borgmann, produced this series of interviews between 2010 and 2013. The interviews also feature Josh Slotnik and Paul Thompson as they touch on a variety of subjects including religion, the existence of God, technology and contemporary culture, music, farming and the culture of the table.

Albert Borgmann, Ph.D.

Albert Borgmann has an MA in literature from the University of Illinois (Urbana) and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Munich (Germany). Since1970 he has taught at the University of Montana. His special area is the philosophy of society and culture with particular emphasis on technology. Among his publications are Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life (University of Chicago Press, 1984), Crossing the Postmodern Divide(University of Chicago Press, 1992), and Holding on to Reality: the Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium (University of Chicago Press, 1999).

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Ali Tabibnejad lives and works in Missoula, Montana as a freelance filmmaker and writer. He pursues philosophical projects in prose form and artistic ones using digital media. You can find more videos by him at his YouTube channel.

The project was made possible through grants from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and Present George Dennison’s Excellence Fund. Principal photography occurred during the conference "Food and Agriculture Under the Big Sky: People, Partnerships, Policies."