2013 Mansfield Conference Participants


Mike Dennison Mike Dennison, Reporter for the Montana Lee Newspapers State Bureau
Jeff Fee Jeff Fee M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer, Providence Health and Services, Western Montana
Michael Foster

Michael Foster, Regional Director of Advocacy, Montana Catholic Hospitals

Carl Graham Carl Graham, Chief Executive Officer, Montana Policy Institute
Mark Hall

Mark Hall J.D., Fred D. & Elizabeth L. Turnage Professor of Law, Wake Forest University School of Law

Mark Hanson Mark Hanson Ph.D., Lecturer of Liberal Studies at the University of Montana and adjunct associate professor in Health Professions at Missoula College 
Jeremy Johnson Jeremy Johnson Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, Carroll College
Jeremy Johnson Anthony Johnstone J.D., Assistant Professor of Law, University of Montana
Susan Kohler Susan Kohler, Chief Executive Officer, Missoula Aging Services
Monica Lindeen Monica Lindeen, State Auditor, Commisioner of Securities and Insurance
Ian Marquand Ian Marquand, Independent Consultant
Sally Mauk Sally Mauk, News Director, Montana Public Radio and adjunct instructor at the University of Montana School of Journalism
Megan McArdle Megan McArdle M.B.A., Special Correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Schwartz Fellow at The New American Foundation
James Morone James Morone Ph.D., Political Science and Urban Studies Professor, Brown University
Jack Mudd Jack Mudd J.D, J.S.D., Senior Vice President, Providence Services Corporation
Richard Opper Richard Opper, Director, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Tom Roberts Tom Roberts M.D., President, Western Montana Clinic
Avik Roy Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan institute, editor of The Apothecary, columnist at National Review 
Rob Saldin Rob Saldin Ph.D., Associate Professor, American Politics and Government, University of Montana 
Rob Saldin Heather Sauro, Public Health Nutritionist at Missoula City-County Health Department
Dane Scott Dane Scott Ph.D., Director of the Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program, Mansfield Center, University of Montana 
Larry White Larry White M.H.A., Director, Western Montana Area Health Education Center, Research Associate Professor, School of Public and Community Health Services, University of Montana