About Debating Science Pilot Courses

The Debating Science Project developed and tested this deliberative model for ethics education with 3 pilot courses, which were offered in two consecutive years. The students in the three courses deliberated over controversial issues dealing with climate change, nanotechnology, and agricultural biotechnology respectively. While all three courses used the deliberative format there were differences due to the nature of the subject matter and the approaches of the instructors. For those reasons the final documents created by the three groups of students posted below have slightly different organizing schemes.
Each of the two years the Debating Science pilot courses consisted of a 1-week summer workshop held at The University of Montana followed by a semester long online course. The online portion of the courses took place throughout the fall semesters on the Online Deliberation Center (ODC). During the workshop, the course instructors met with students in a seminar format to introduce them to the Online Deliberation Center (ODC). Students left Missoula familiar with this new technology and the goals of this project. Significantly, many of the students in the program reported that they felt the face-to-face portion of the program was important for the online deliberations to be successful. 
On this page there are links to syllabi for all three courses, information about the workshops, a list of the students who participated in the project, and most importantly, the documents that the students created through the online deliberations. 

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