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Debating Science- Ethics Education and Deliberation

The Debating Science, Online Resource Center is a product of a 4-year, National Science Foundation, Ethics Education for Graduate Students in Science and Engineering project (NSF SES-062950). Debating Science is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project designed to develop, test, and make widely available a new model for teaching ethics though cooperative deliberation. Ethics instruction for graduate students in science and engineering largely focuses on standards of practice. However, scientific research and emerging technologies have far reaching moral implications for society and the environment.  It is imperative that these issues be discussed in a reasonable and ethical manner. The Debating Science program creates the opportunity for such discourse by focusing on the moral goals of scientific research and the study and practice of ethical deliberation. This study and practice is supported by the interactive and flexible format of the Online Deliberation Center (ODC). The ODC potentially allows graduate students to engage their peers around the world as they explore the complicated interactions among science, morality, policy, and ethics.

The Debating Science Online Resource Center contains information explaining the program, the theory behind it, and a discussion of online deliberation. Also, these pages contain the results of the program and several short-courses on scientific controversies and ethical deliberation.  

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