Publications from the Debating Science Program

The participants and faculty of the Debating Science Program have had the opportunity to publish their work in academic journals. Please follow the links below to view publications.

Rebecca Bendick, Kyla M. Dahlin, Brian V. Smoliak, Lori Kumler, Sierra J. Jones, Athena Aktipis, Ezekiel Fugate, Rachel Hertog, Claus Moberg, & Dane Scott. 2010. "Choosing Carbon Mitigation Strategies Using Ethical Deliberation." Weather, Climate and Society. <>

Christopher J. Preston, Maxim Y. Sheinin, Denyse J. Sproat, Vimal P. Swarup. 2010. "The Novelty of Nano and the Regulatory Challenge of Newness." Nanoethics. 4:13-26.

Dane Scott. 2010. "Preparing Future Generations: Cilmate Change, Sustainability and the Moral Obligation of Higher Education." Ometeca: Science & Humanities. vol. XIV-XV: 53-76.