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Workshop Participants

The Ethics of Geoengineering:
Investigating the Moral Challenges of Solar Radiation Management

Workshop Participants

Mike Anderson, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan

Ashley Mercer, Ph.D. candidate, University of Calgary

Christopher Avery, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan 

Clark Miller, Ph.D. Arizona State University

Jason Blackstock, Ph.D. Center for International Governance Innovation

Wendy Parker, Ph.D. Ohio University

Albert Borgmann, Ph.D. University of Montana

Christopher Preston, Ph.D. University of Montana

Holly Buck, M.Sc. candidate, Lund University, Sweden

Phil Rasch, Ph.D.  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Wylie Carr, Ph.D. candidate, University of Montana

Alan Robock, Ph.D.  Rutgers University

Bjornar Egede-Nissan, M.A., International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada

Steven Running, Ph.D. University of Montana

Benjamin Hale, Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder

Stefan Schafer, Ph.D. candidate, Berlin Graduate School

Joel Harper, Ph.D.University of Montana

Dane Scott, Ph.D. University of Montana

Lauren Hartzell, Ph.D. University of Washington, Seattle

Nancy Tuana, Ph.D. Penn State

Nicole Hassoun, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon

Petra Tschakert, Ph.D. Penn State

Sanna Joronen, Ph.D. candidate, University of Turku, Finland

Kyle Whyte, Ph.D. Michigan State University

David Keith, Ph.D. University of Calgary

Daniel Wildcat, Ph.D. Haskell Indian Nations University

Andrew Light, Ph.D. Center for American Progress

Laurie Yung, Ph.D. University of Montana

Jane C.S. Long, Ph.D.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory