Beginning with the 2010 Workshop on Geoengineering, the University of Montana has organized and hosted several events related to climate engineering, listed here beginning with upcoming or most recent events: 


Panel Discussion: "Indigenous People, Future Generations, & Climate Engineering"

Dr. Marion Hourdequin, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Colorado College; Dr. Kyle Powys Whyte, Assistant Philosophy of Philosophy, Michigan State University; and Dr. Christopher Preston (Moderator), Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Montana. 

February 25, 7:30 pm

123 Gallagher Business Building

Philosophy Forum: "Restoration & History in a Changing World: A Case Study in Ethics for the Anthropocene"

Dr. Marion Hourdequin, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Colorado College

February 25, 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

The Pope Room, School of Law

UM's Philosophy Forum


Lecture: "Second (Third & Fourth) Thoughts on Geoengineering: Governance & Ethics in Climate Engineering Research"

Dr. Jane Long, Associate Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Dr. Nancy Tuana, Professor of Philosophy,

Penn State University

October 30, 12:00 pm - 1:10 pm

UC 330-331

Lecture: “Managing our Living Planet? Exploring the evolving role of science in public decisions”

Dr. Jason J. Blackstock, Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Cambridge University.

February 15, 7:30-9PM

123 Gallagher Business Building

Lecture: "Geoengineering the Climate: Technologies for rebalancing or reinforcing global inequity?”

Dr. Jason J. Blackstock, Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Cambridge University.

February 14, 12-1:00PM

A Mansfield Center’s Brown Bag Series Event


Workshop on Geoengineering

October 18-20

University of Montana, Missoula, Montana

This three-day workshop brought together a number of leading scientists and scholars who shared their expertise on Solar Radiation Management technologies and helped us focus discussion on the particular ethical issues they raise. 

Monday, October 18th 

 Science and Public Trust I  (9-9.50 a.m.)

Nancy Tuana: “Science for Policy: SRM and Coupled Epistemic-Ethical Issues”

Clark Miller: “Institutionalizing Public Trust and Credibility: Challenges for SRM?”

 Science and Public Trust II  (10-10.50 a.m.)

Wendy Parker: “Geoengineering, Scientific Responsibility, & Public Trust”

Bjornar Egede-Nissen: “Scientists as Advocates or Umpires?”

Justice (11-11.50 a.m.)

Kyle Powys Whyte: “Oh We’ve Seen This Before…” Indigenous Communities, Environmental Justice, and SRM

Petra Tschakert: "Whose hands are allowed at the thermostat? Voices from Africa"

 Public Participation (1-2 p.m.)

Daniel Wildcat

Holly Buck: “What Can Geoengineering Do for Us? Public Participation and the New Media Landscape”

Governance (2-3 p.m.)

Stefan Schäfer: “Legitimacy and the International Regulation of Geoengineering with SRM”

Mike Anderson: “Geoengineering the Arctic: Defining the Governance”

Intellectual Property and Technical Design (3-4 p.m.)

Christopher Avery: “A Public Good? Geoengineering and Intellectual Property”

David Keith: “Just How Many Knobs, Bells and Whistles Do You Want On That There Climate Control Box?”

Explanation and Discussion of White Paper (4-5 p.m.)

Public Lecture 1: Should We Engineer the Climate? (7.30-9 p.m.)(GBB 123)

“The Science of Solar Radiation Management” with David Keith, Alan Robock and Phil Rasch

 Tuesday, October 19th 

 Social Science Research and SRM (8.40-9.30 a.m.)

Laurie Yung and Wylie Carr

 Ethical Principles for Field Testing SRM (9.40-10.50 a.m.)

Roundtable: Jane Long, Jason Blackstock, David Keith, and Alan Robock

Precaution and Scientific Collaboration (11-11.50 a.m.)

Lauren Hartzell: “Precaution and SRM”

Ashley Mercer: “A Search for Model-2 Science”

Justification of Field Testing (2-3 p.m.)

Phil Rasch: "The Scientific Rationale for the Early Testing of Cloud Brightening Principles Relevant to Geoengineering"

Alan Robock: "Smoke and Mirrors: Is Geoengineering a Solution to Global Warming?"

Environmental Ethics (3-4 p.m.)

Nicole Hassoun: “Geoengineering the Climate: Democratic Authority or the Nature of Respect?”

Christopher Preston: “The Presumptive Argument from Environmental Ethics”

Continued Discussion of White Paper (4-5 p.m.)
Public Lecture 2: Should We Engineer the Climate? (7.30-9 p.m.)(GBB 123)

“The Ethics of Solar Radiation Management” with Nicole Hassoun, Nancy Tuana, Andrew Light and Petra Tschakert

 Wednesday, October 20th 

Philosophy, Technology, and SRM (9-9.50 a.m.)

Andrew Light

Albert Borgmann: "What Are the People Thinking? Knowledge and Responsibility" 

Moral Hazards and Technological Fixes (10-10.50 a.m.)

 Ben Hale: “Geoengineering and Moral Hazards”

Dane Scott: “SRM and the Hazards and Benefits of Technological Fixes”

 Discussion of Next Steps (11-11.30 p.m.)

 White Paper working session (1.15-3 p.m.)