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This bibliography is being developed in conjunction with the Energy, Policy, and Climate Program at Johns Hopkins University. It is intended to contain the majority of the work published on topics related to geoengineering ethics to date. The contents are divided up into sub-categories to make it more easily navigable. Use the menu at the left to look through each of the sub-categories or the search bar below to find pages containing a particular name or term.



The biobliography was compiled by Wil Burns, Energy, Policy, and Climate Program, Johns Hopkins University. Suggested updates to the biobliography should be sent directly to In some cases there may be a hazy line between issues in geoengineering and climate change more generally. Decisions about whether to include a particular reference will be made by the bibliography managers alone.
This page was set up with the help of a U.S. National Science Foundation grant (SES 0958095). Please contact Andrea ( with any comments about the rest of the site.
Meridians image is in the public domain. Kenyan woman image by Oxfam. Globe image by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.