About Facilities Services

We assist in the development of a physical environment supportive of teaching, research, and Administration on the University of Montana campus through the operation and maintenance of the state funded Physical Plant, and providing services to the auxiliaries as required.

Facilities Services also provides planning and construction services for all of the campus in support of the development and enhancement of the University's Physical Plant. Additionally, UMFS is responsible for assuring compliance with all codes related to facilities, construction, renovations, maintenance and operations of all campus facilities. Our mission of support includes long-term preservation of facilities, assets and equipment.

Welcome to Facilities Services

The University of Montana through the Montana University System requests funding and authority for construction, renovations, deferred maintenance, code and life/safety projects for state facilities from the Legislature each biennium starting in January of the second year. To meet the Legislative submittal deadline and the previous Governor's and Regents' submittal deadlines the University of Montana has to start its Long Range Building Program, LRBP, process early in the first year of the biennium. For information on the 2016-2017 biennium please contact our office at 243-2787.