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You may have bar codes of Banner Index numbers printed on #10 envelopes and other material by Printing & Graphic Services.

If you choose to produce your own bar codes, follow the instructions listed below. Additionally, always have a sample verified with Campus Mail before use. To verify a bar code, send a sample to Campus Mail Services or send a note with your mail stating that the bar code supplied is new and needs to be checked prior to processing the mail.

UM Campus
  • Download the "3 of 9 Bar Code" true type font and save it to the Windows/Font directory (i.e. c:/windows/font).
  • After downloading and saving the Bar Code font, any application (i.e. MS Word 2003) that uses True Type Fonts will be able to use it under its font menu.
  • Set the font size to 26pt or larger.
  • Type the Banner Index with an asterisk (*) before and after the Index and use upper case with no spaces. (i.e. A banner index MBZT01 would be typed as: *MBZT01*)
Additional Notes:
  • Bar Codes need to be supplied with each bundle of first class mail.
  • First mail must be bundled in groups of "Missoula, MT" and "Out of State".
  • Do not send mixed mail if you have two or more pieces for a specific group.
  • Groups may be separated by paper clips or rubber bands. Rubber bands are available by request from Campus Mail Services.


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