Mail Delivery

Campus Mail Services delivers incoming U.S. Postal Service and Campus Mail from departments to identifiable UM addresses. If the address on the outside of a piece of mail is illegible or incomplete, Campus Mail Services opens the item to determine the intended destination. If the destination of the mail piece is still unknown, it is returned to sender for better Department address.

All deliveries will be made to a central location in a building. Carriers are not obligated to take items to specific department offices unless the items require a signature or are too heavy and require use of a hand truck. Carriers are not to be instructed by department personnel to take mail or parcels to other locations.

Campus Mail Services cannot be used to distribute non-U.S. Mail of promotional materials, to University addresses. State agencies are prohibited from providing businesses with mailing lists of employees, for the purpose of distributing promotional materials, through Campus Mail Services.

The only exceptions are the "Qualified Inter-Unit Benefit Retirement" programs approved by the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

UM Campus Mail Delivery

Departments sending mail to students in residence halls may use Campus Mail Services. Residence Hall mail originating from a department on campus is treated as inter-departmental mail and does not require postage. U.S.P.S. mail received by students is delivered directly by the United States Postal Service. Please use the following address format:

Name of Student
Room Number Residence Hall Name
Missoula, MT 59801 (+ 4 digits if known)

**Students should notify coorespondents of their correct address format and ZIP code (59801). Do not use "University of Montana" or "32 Campus Drive" or "59812" in any part of the address as it may delay delivery by the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal regulations require mail for off campus residents, such as University Villages and Lewis & Clark Villages, must have U.S. postage applied.