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Services for which cleaning charges are required:

Our custodial department is scheduled to work week days beginning at 5 p.m. with the exception of Fridays when the schedule begins at 4 p.m. We provide no regular weekend service and therefore must charge for any non-academic activity requiring weekend custodial service. Also, all extra cleaning required due to productions, recitals, and any function charging admissions. The department or organization which is responsible for hosting the extra functions are required to call the work order desk at the Facilities Services Department (243-6091) to have a work order issued.

UM Campus

In order for the work order desk to issue a work order they need to be provided with an address to bill or an organization number to bill. If the event is being paid for by ASUM an expenditure form needs to be given to the work order desk by one of the accountants at the ASUM office.

Services provided upon request, including but not limited to:

  • Shampooing of privately owned office carpets and rugs
  • Office furniture cleaning, shampooing
  • Floor refinishing or carpet shampooing more than once a year
  • Weekend room use for non-academic purposes
  • Wall cleaning
  • Window washing


Jack Mondloch
Facilities Manager
(406) 243-2161

Alan Daniels
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Steve Hayes
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Gary Lorenz
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Gerald Michaud
Associate Director
Custodial, Grounds & Labor
(406) 243-2420

32 Campus Drive
Missoula, Montana 59812
Office: (406) 243-2788
Work Order desk: (406) 243-6091
FAX: (406) 243-6612