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Custodial Services provides a base-level of support to state operated buildings.  Special services above this basic level can be provided to a department able to support the cost of these services.

UM Custodial Services

If your department is hosting a production, recital or conference in a state building, you must contact the Facilities Services work order desk (243-6091) to notify them of the event. The Department or Organization which is hosting the event will be responsible for the cost of the custodial services related to the special event. Custodial shop rates are available here.


Jack Mondloch
Facilities Manager
(406) 243-2161

Alan Daniels
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Steve Hayes
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Gary Lorenz
Facilities Supervisor
(406) 243-2164

Gerald Michaud
Associate Director
Custodial, Grounds & Labor
(406) 243-2420

32 Campus Drive
Missoula, Montana 59812
Office: (406) 243-2788
Work Order desk: (406) 243-6091
FAX: (406) 243-6612