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The University of Montana, along with Missoula City and County, Montana DOT, and the Missoula Water Quality District, has applied for a storm water permit to protect the surface waters of the Clark Fork River from contamination.

This permit puts certain requirements on UM to ensure that the potential for pollution is minimized. Some of these requirements are as follows:

  • Storm drain cleaning as needed.
  • Parking lot and street cleaning as needed.
  • Maintain a used oil recycling program.
  • Spill prevention plan for the UM with spill response personnel on campus
  • Hazardous material storage, management, and disposal program.
  • Stenciling storm drains.
  • Education of campus community on storm water issues.
  • Monitor for fuel release at fueling sites.
  • Public participation.
  • Ground truthing system so no illicit discharge will occur.

This website assists UM with compliance with its permit application by providing public education.

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Additional information regarding storm water:


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