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Facilities Services has a wide variety of equipment and furnishings such as tables and chairs, staging, etc. which can be rented for University related functions. A list of the equipment and rental rates are available here.

The purchase of furniture and equipment (including classroom furniture) is the responsibility of the department requesting the equipment. There is no central budget available for the purchase of furniture and equipment.

New programs or the purchase of certain specialized equipment may require changes to the physical space of buildings or their utility services. The cost of these changes is not within the scope of regular maintenance and is not the responsibility of the Office of Facilities Services. If a department does not have funding for these changes, the Office of Facilities Services will assist them in preparing a request for central funding.
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Business Services is responsible for the collection of surplus office furniture and equipment at the University of Montana. Please contact Business Services  and fill out the Surplus Declaration Form to complete disposal of surplus property.

Campus departments looking to acquire used furniture or equipment for use may contact Carey Lemer at 243-5747. Carey will assit departments and make arrangements for items to be delivered. Labor charges may apply for delivery.

Equipment which is an integral part of the University’s physical facilities will be maintained by the Office of Facilities Services. Examples are the mechanical equipment of the building required for heating and cooling, a laboratory bench attached to the floor or wall, a fume hood or other built-in equipment (unless a specific exemption has been made).

Classroom furniture such as seats, benches, stools or lab tables will be maintained and repaired by the Office of Facilities Services.

Equipment & Furniture maintenance not covered by the above definitions will be the responsibility of the department using the equipment. State funded departments can request up to $200 of free maintenance per month from Facilities Services (subject to fund availability).


To place a work order for equipment, furniture, and/or maintenance either call 243-6091 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the work week or submit your request via the Online System.

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