Grounds and Labor

Manages over 50 acres of landscape, including over 2 million square feet of turf. In order to help maintain the lawn and the overall beauty of the campus, please use the sidewalks whenever possible.

The Grounds Management Staff adheres to an Integrated Pest Management System (IPM). This system utilizes methods that are the least invasive to the surrounding environment, when possible, to control pests. It includes the use of natural controls, maintaining good plant health, the use of plant varieties that are resistant to problem pests and the use of chemicals only when absolutely necessary to prevent irreparable damage to plants in the landscape.  

Grounds and Labor: Tool shed


Responsible for providing not only general labor to the campus community, but they also perform the following:

  • Street Sweeping
  • Snow Plowing
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Excavating
  • Demolishing Work
  • Event Setup
  • Campus Moving
    • Self-supporting activities will be charged for moving costs.
    • Internal moves of a minor nature will be provided to "state-funded" departments without charge once every 30 days as long as the value does not exceed $100.
    • Major moves required by a construction project or space reassignment will be funded as part of the project or move and will be the responsibility of the Office of Facilities Services.
    • The cost of all other moves will be the responsibility of the department requesting the move.