Routine Maintenance

The following routine maintenance services are generally performed on “State” buildings at no-charge.

Custodial Services
Facilities Services is responsible for the cleaning of all state-funded buildings, and after all activities held in these buildings.Certain basic services are provided at no charge (services for state funded buildings), however, due to limited resources, departments must be charged for additional services.

Grounds Maintenance
Snow removal, lawn maintenance, tree pruning, etc.

Exterior Maintenance and Repair
Building exteriors, sidewalks, lawns, etc.

Interior Maintenance
Interior finishes, building systems and fixed equipment.Fixed equipment does not include fixed equipment installations previously designed as departmental equipment.

Exterior and interior painting.The Office of Facilities Services maintains a 15-year repainting schedule for building interiors, however, because of limited funding, this schedule is not strictly adhered to.

Public Areas
Maintenance of a building’s interior public areas.

Public areas and offices.

Electrical distribution system, mechanical equipment, water and sewage distribution systems. Electrical systems will be maintained up to the room outlets. Management of heating and cooling schedules, and any schedule changes necessary to accommodate after-hours activity.

Please note: the electrical distribution systems in some campus buildings are already operating at their capacity. If you are contemplating the purchase of additional electrical equipment, which may draw a large amount of power (ultra-low temperature freezers, copiers, etc.), please contact Facilities Services to discuss the potential costs you may face to upgrade or modify the existing electrical distribution system in your building.


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