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All construction, renovation, or facilities alteration projects, including associated architectural and engineering work, involving University owned facilities will be managed by the Office of Planning and Construction. Both in-house and private-sector services are utilized to meet the University's design and construction needs. This strategy gives us maximum flexibility to secure the most appropriate services to complete your project.

Planning and Construction's project design and management fees can be up to, but not to exceed, 3% of the projected project costs.
   UM Campus

Planning and Construction's project design management responsibility encompasses program verification, schematic design, design development, and the creation of construction documents and specifications. State statute requires that projects which are estimated to cost $75,000 or more, which are not maintenance related, utilize external consultants or architectural firms.

Planning and Construction is the campus representative to design consultants for all project design activities.All professional, architectural and engineering services will be arranged by Planning and Construction representatives. No individual faculty or staff member, auxiliary unit, department, College, or School shall contract this work themselves.

This fee covers the following project costs:

  • Design
  • Bid Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Securing Permits
  • Construction Management

The allocation of project design and construction management fees is necessary to not only cover the costs, but also to accurately record the direct costs of project management so there is a full accounting of the costs of capital improvements.


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