Vehicle Rental

In order to rent a vehicle from Transportation Services, you must be traveling on official University business and represent an approved entity.

To reserve a vehicle online, log into your Cyberbear account and click on the U-Drive tab.   Call a Transportation Services' dispatcher for assistance at 243-2024 or contact us via email if you have questions. Cancellations need to be made twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled pickup to avoid a one day use charge.

UM Campus: Vehicle Rental

Please note that the online reservation must include the driver’s entire name, and the 790 number. All individuals must be authorized by the department or renting entity to drive the vehicle. If an individual's name does not appear in the Cyberbear U-Drive list they are not authorized to drive the vehicle unless authorized by Risk Management. When renting a vehicle with an occupancy rating greater than 7, the driver(s) must be large vehicle certified, or must have proof of a current CDL with a passenger endorsement.

Entities that are not represented by the State Risk Management and Tort Defense Division must provide Transportation Services with proof of third party liability coverage on an annual basis.


In order to rent a vehicle, you must:

  • Be traveling on official University business.
  • Understand and comply with the State Vehicle Use Policy.
  • Understand and comply with the UM Vehicle Use Policy
  • Identify all drivers online, in the Cyberbear U-Drive system.
  • Possess one of the following to rent a vehicle with an occupancy rating greater than 7:
    • CDL with a passenger endorsement
    • Current Drivers Safety for Campuses Certificate

UM U-Drive Vehicle Rental via Cyberbear

Policy Information (updated on 1/8/2010)
All employees, students and other individuals renting vehicles from Transportation Services, other outside vendors, or utilizing their private vehicles for University business, must comply with the following Policies and Procedures: