Faculty Senate Annual Report, 2006-2007

ECOS membership:

Liz Ametsbichler, Foreign Languages, Chair (2007)
Louis Hayes, Political Science, Chair-elect (2008)
Jean Luckowski, Curriculum & Instruction (2008)
Michael Monsos, Drama (2008)
Don Potts, Forestry (2007)
Linda Frey, History (2007)
Jim Gannon, DBS (2007)

Goals of the Senate:

  • Active in the selection of a new Provost
    Both Chair Ametsbichler and Professor Gannon served on the search committee. ECOS interviewed the three candidates originally brought to campus are meeting with the three candidates coming May 3rd - 10th.
  • Improve orientation of new senators
    Senators were provided with an information sheet on the Senate procedures and Robert's Rules of Order and invited to a social at Associate Provost Walker-Andrews home after the first Faculty Senate meeting September 13th.
  • Facilitate proposals for improvements to general education and the writing program
    A draft model went to the Senate April 12th. All faculty members were informed via email about a May 1st faculty forum on general education. The message included the general education model and links to the writing course guidelines and writing-in-large-classes document.
  • Representation of the faculty at BOR meetings
    Both the chair and chair-elect regularly attended Board of Regents' meetings.
  • Thorough and timely review of centers
    Center reviews were completed for the following centers and presented to the Faculty Senate April 12th.
    RiteCare Language and Literacy Clinic-approved
    Shafizadeh- approved
    Center for Ethics-recommended review in two years
    Montana Rocky Mountain West -recommended review in two years
    Montana Business Connections -recommended review in one year

    New Centers reviewed and approved
    Osher Life Long Learning Institute (2/8/07)
    Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism (4/12/07)
  • Initiate new and improved electronic process through contract with ITO
    Completed for elections and committee preference requests. Evaluation of the Administration will be completed next year.
  • Open communication and identification of issues important to faculty with the Administration and the Senate
    Issues identified:
    Change in Academic Schedule- ECOS drafted a resolution opposed to the schedule change and distributed it electronically to the faculty. Faculty members that responded were in favor of the resolution. At the 12/7/07 Senate meeting the president announced that the calendar would not be changed this year because the last wintersession showed movement in the right direction. He stated that: "The obligation is on everyone to make wintersession work. If it doesn't, the University will have to change something to be more efficient."

    Continuous Graduate registration of three credit- Graduate Council and ECOS met with the President to request a delay in the implementation. The Senate passed a resolution 2/8/07 calling for a delay of policy implementation. The Graduate Council established a work group to analyze the data. The GSA hosted an open forum and the President announced at the 4/12/07 meeting the delay of implementation until fall 2008. The Council's work group will investigate best practices and establish an equation for credit corresponding to students' use of university resources.

Code/Creed of Ethics - The Chair Elect participated in a joint panel discussion with other university governance representatives and the President.  A joint governance committee has been formed to explore the issue.