Meeting, July 14, 2005

Meeting, July 14, 2005
Gallagher Business Building, Room 123
approved 9/8/05

Members Present:

E. Ametsbichler, D. Beck, F. Cardozo-Palaez, J. Carter, J. Crepeau, A. Delaney, D. Doyle, S. Derry, P. Dietrick, L. Gillison, C. Johnston, S. Justman, B. Knowles, C. Loisel, D. Potts, L. Putnam, R. Skelton, J. Sommers-Flanagan, A. Ware, S. Yoshimura

Ex-Officio Present:

Associate Registrar Carlyon, Associate Provost Staub 

Chair Crepeau called the meeting to order at 3:10pm. He introduced himself as the Director of the Math program at the College of Technology


Chair's Report

§    Blackboard use for the Senate

Chair Crepeau has had a positive response to using Blackboard for communication in his classes and thought this might be something senators may wish to use as an alternative to mass emailings.  Rather than the discussion taking place via email, senators who wish to participate may post threads for a discussion on the forum function.  All announcements will still be sent via email as well as posted to Blackboard. The technology is not intended to increase the work required of senators, but rather offers an additional means for communication and exchanges of ideas on issues. 

Chair Crepeau explained the login screen (  Senator's user names are their SCAUID that can be found via Cyber Bear. After logging in go to personal information, then Standard UM-M Computer Access ID.  Senator's initial password is their extension.


The announcement, discussion board and calendar functions can be useful. Chair Crepeau described the steps to start or add to threads of a discussion in a forum.  Only senators will have access to the forum and items posted on Blackboard.  This will be particularly useful for the Senate's review of the evaluation of the administration.  The administration voiced concerns regarding the procedure of posting the results to the website and only providing the url to senators.  Blackboard offers additional security for sensitive information.

Senator Dietrich asked why this was a good idea.

Chair Crepeau responded that communication in general is a good idea.

Senator Dietrich indicated that not all senators use Blackboard and this could result in a portion of senators not being informed.

There was concern that Senate meetings are required to be open to the public and the discussions on Blackboard are closed.  This could be a question for Legal Council.

Senator Gillison stated that there are often discussions on issues between meetings anyway. This function just allows more senators to be aware of these discussions.

Senator Justman expressed concern that the technology not be used as a pretext to limit debate in the Senate.

Chair Crepeau hopes that Senators will try Blackboard as a means of disseminating information.  Senators will in no way be required to use the technology, but it will be available if there is an interest.

§   Possible Social Event
Senator Crepeau asked whether there would be an interest in a social event after the first meeting on September 8th.  He has a meeting with the President next week and will need to ask for funds to purchase alcohol for the event.

Senator Gillison commented that if you feed them they will come.

[After the meeting it was suggested that the Senate host the Friday social on September 9th.]


New Business:


Associate Provost Staub presented the corrected spring 2004 graduation list and the summer graduation list for the Senates approval.  The lists were approved unanimously.

Good and Welfare:

Senator Derry announced that the Dean D'Andraia has taken a position in New York and the interim Dean of the Mansfield Library is Erling Oelz.  A search will be taking place for a new dean this fall.

Senator Putnam-Center for Environmental Health informed the Senate that there will be a Conference on Asbestos July 28 and 29th. The Conference will include presentations by national experts on current research on cell damage and matrixes.

It was asked whether the contract was ratified.  Senator Justman heard that the faculty vote was overwhelming to pass the contract, 309 in favor and 34 opposed. 
Chair Crepeau stated that the labor agreement is on the Board of Regents agenda for today. 

Senator Knowles asked Associate Provost Staub about the series of retreats planned by the Provost's Office.  He is concerned about the potential disruption of classes.

Associate Provost Staub responded that the retreats are still in the planning process and all the details have yet to be worked out.  The possibility of canceling classes has been discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.