Meeting, September 14, 2006

Meeting, September 14, 2006
Gallagher Business Building, Room 123

Members Present:

B. Allan, L. Ametsbichler, T. Atkins, D. Beck, R. Bendick Kier, K. Canty, F. Cardozo-Palaez, B. Cochran, J. Crepeau, M. DeGrandpre, A. Delaney, P. Dietrich, B. Douma, J. Eglin, L. Frey, J. Glendening, S. Gordon, B. Halpap, C. Hand, L. Hayes, K. Hill, S. Justman, M. Kupilik, B. Larson, G. Larson, C. Lawrence, C. Loisel, J. Lopach, J. Luckowski, S. McCann, D. McCrea J. McNulty, V. Micheletto, M. Monsos, N. Nickerson, L. Putnam, B. Reider, Y. Reimer, F. Rosenzweig, T. Seekins, D.Shively, R. Skelton, F. Snyder, J. Sommers-Flanagan, A. Sondag, D. Stolle, R. Stubblefield, D. Swibold, H. Thompson, M. Tonon, N. Tuleja, E. Uchimoto, N. Uhlenbruck, A.Ware

Ex-Officio Present:

Vice President Duringer, Registrar Micus, Associate Provost Walker-Andrews


Gordy Pace, Web Technologies Director

Members Excused:


Members Absent:

L. Barnes, W. Freimund, J. Gannon, J. Glendening, L. Sheng, C. Nichols, A. Szalda-Petree, T. Seekins, P. Silverman, G. Smith

N. Bradley-Browning, D. Potts, S. Stiff, K. Unger, R. Vanita

Chair Ametsbichler called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.
She introduced the new Registrar David Micus and senators introduced themselves.

The minutes from 5/4/06 and 7/13/06 were entered into the record with a minor correction.

Vice President Duringer:

The President was unable to attend because he is in Billings as part of the three-day Silver Cloud Train trip talking to students and communities about higher education.  He asked that the Senate be given an update on various issues.

There are several ongoing and pending construction and maintenance projects. The Skaggs addition and the Journalism building are progressing.  The Interdisciplinary Science building will break ground next spring. The elevator addition to the Math building is scheduled along with roof replacements for Main Hall, the Clapp building, and the Adams Center, Education, and MT Island Lodge.   The nine million dollar steam line replacement project will begin next spring.  Consideration is being given to a biomass boiler using slash from the Lubrecht Experimental Forest.

The University inherited a series J Bonds when the Commissioner's Office decided not to use them. The University will be redirecting these funds to new initiatives: 2.45 million to the Law School, 1.0 million to Journalism, and 1.8 million to Interdisciplinary Science.  The bonds will be repaid by an increase in the academic facilities fee approved recently by ASUM.

Discussions are taking place to establish a College of Technology branch campus in Hamilton.   The idea will go to the Board of Regents in September for action in October.   Continued negotiations to create an academic partnership and a UM branch campus in China require a resolution from the Board of Regents.  This will be on the September BOR agenda.  The University is in tuition buy-down negotiations with the Schweitzer Administration. The desire is to cap tuition increase at 5% at the four-year campuses and 0% at the COT's.  On a positive note, there are more students on campus then ever before.

Senator Skelton asked whether there were any general-use classrooms in the new buildings.

VP Duringer responded that there are a few classrooms in Pharmacy and Journalism, but these may be restricted to department use.  The Interdisciplinary science building will have an automated lecture hall for 150.

Colorado, where the legislature tied tuition increases to inflation (CPI), but learned after a few years that it was not feasible. He asked whether Montana was following the failed example.  
According to VP Duringer, the administration is in contact with the Governor's Office to help avoid that kind of situation.  If tuition is capped, a shortfall has to be paid out of the state's budget, and that would be too expensive for Montana.

Senator Ware asked whether there had been any thought given to using an alternative to tar for the roofing projects.  The fumes in the Clapp building have been unbearable.

VP Duringer explained that as soon as he heard the complaints, the tar use was stopped.  They are working to find a solution to the problem.  The contractors for this project were hired by the State's Department of Architecture and Engineering, and it is not as sensitive to these issues.   


Associate Provost Walker-Andrews

Associate Provost Walker-Andrews provided the latest student headcount.   There are 14,137 students on campus compared to 13,792 last year.  This is the highest number in the history of the University.  There are still 1324 students who have not paid.  Upper-division non-resident students are the group with the least paid fees.

The revision to the Board of Regents Policy 303.3 Program Review has increased reporting to include student numbers in majors, minors and options. It also requires that programs are reviewed every 7 years rather than 10. The current campus program review process is taking too long; therefore the timeline will change.  Self-study materials will be submitted at the end of the spring semester for programs scheduled for review in 2007-2008 (Social Work, Economics, Marketing & Management, Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Division of Biological Sciences, and Physical Therapy).

A Logistics Team is working on moving online courses to state support rather than the current self-support funding model.  In light of having to pay the state back for FTE underprojections, it was discovered that students were often taking a mixture of online and traditional courses and because the online courses were on self-support, the FTE was not reported. In addition the students had to pay extra for online courses even though they had reached the tuition flat spot.

Senator McCrea asked whether this would mean that the dependent fee-waiver would count for online courses.

Associate Provost Walker-Andrews responded that the courses would be treated the same as traditional courses with regard to fees.

Senator Lopach asked about the administrative move of wintersession FTE into spring semester.

Associate Provost Walker-Andrews indicated this would start in January.

Senator Lopach was concerned as the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative.  There will be some issues for Athletes.  


Senator Uhlenbruck asked how department's viability was determined and whether there was any policy that would split departments if they were too large.

According to Associate Provost Walker-Andrews there are program review guidelines that require various data and explanations.  She is not aware of any policy. 


Web Technologies Director, Gordy Pace - iTunes U
Gordy Pace is a substitute for other ITO administrators who could not attend.

Ryan Alter from Academic Affairs was working on an initiative with Apple iTunes University which would allow faculty to upload files and then download them to their PC or iPod.  Unfortunately, he left unexpectedly and the IT Office inherited the project with no information sharing.    Contract and copyright issues are being reviewed.  Technical aspects are being worked through, but the Office does not know what kind of dialogue took place with faculty, so please contact the IT Office with any information. Target availability is spring semester.   Stanford University has been the leader in utilizing the service.  You can access their website to see what is available.  A representative will be invited to speak on campus.  There will be no cost for the service.  The biggest issue is production.  You can contact Gordy Pace with questions at extension 2371 or

Senator Allan asked about group discounts for software.  There are some available through the Bookstore.


The UFA President was going to speak about CI 97, but that seems to be a nonissue at the moment with the ruling of District Judge Dirk M. Sandefur's.


Chair's Report

Chair Ametsbichler outlined the Program for the Senate:

  •          Active in the selection of a new Provost
  •          Improve orientation of new senators
  •          Facilitate proposals for improvements to general education and the writing program
  •          Representation of the faculty at BOR meetings
  •          Thorough and timely review of centers
  •          Initiate new and improved electronic process through contract with ITO
  •          Open communication and identification of issues important to faculty with the Administration and the Senate
  •          Monitor BOR transferability and distance education initiatives
  •          Facilitate review of distance education

President Dennison's goals and objectives are available for your review.  He shared the document with ECOS.

Chair Ametsbichler highlighted some of the items on the senator information document.  On the back of the document are notes on Robert's Rules of Order for reference.  ECOS has asked Registrar Micus to be the Senate Parliamentarian. 

There are still several committees that need faculty members.  Chair Ametsbichler urged Senators to consider service or to nominate a willing colleague.


Committee Reports:
ASCRC member Holly Thompson presented a resolution passed by ASCRC in recognition of former Associate Registrar Laura Carlyon.  The resolution was amended and approved unanimously.

Let it Be Resolved that the Faculty Senate of The University of Montana gratefully acknowledges Laura Carlyon's 38 years of service to the students and faculty of the University of Montana.  Laura's awe-inspiring competence, her wisdom and understanding of academic programs, and her irreplaceable institutional memory have all contributed to the development and welfare of this University.  We will miss Laura, and we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and happy retirement..


New Business:


Chair Ametsbichler went over the first reading of the bylaw/ article amendments.  There was a correction made to the voting group article amendment.  One of the department names has not yet been approved by the Regents.  If it is approved in September, then the amendment can stand, otherwise it will be revised. These will be voted on in October.


Good and Welfare:


Senator Beck announced that next week is Native American Heritage week and invited senators to take part in the activities.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05pm.

bsp;&l ;nUN;        The Western Montana RiteCare Childhood Language and Literacy Clinic
            Montana Business Connections
            O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West
            Shafizadeh Rocky Mountain Center for Wood & Carbohydrate Chemistry
            Center for Ethics

ECOS met with Associate Vice President Ray Ford and Associate Provost Staub regarding the continued unhappiness with Blackboard.  They recommended establishing a standing subcommittee of the Academic Information Technology Advisory Committee to focus on academic, technical, and operational issues related to learning systems in general and specifically the Blackboard learning system utilized on campus.  ECOS concurred.

ECOS is meeting with several faculty who teach online courses to better understand how the courses differ from traditional courses and how the courses are perceived by faculty and students.  The Board of Regents are interested in having the MUS general education core available online and ECOS needs to learn more about the online format to discern whether there are any academic concerns associated with this initiative.  ECOS is interested in any questions or comments senators may have as well.  Please send your input to the Faculty Senate Office. 

Senator Thompson was curious about the configuration of an MUS online general education core.
Chair Ametsbichler did not have any specifics. 

Committee Reports:
Faculty Library Committee Chair Andrew Ware

Senator Ware highlighted a few of the items in the written report. The Faculty Library representative meeting will be October 19th from 12-1.  The goal of this meeting is for library reps to network and learn about the allocation process and ho other departments make allocations.  He has consulted with Bonner Allen, the new Library Dean with regard to the committee's agenda items for the year.  The committee will review the budget, look at the allocation process, and discuss scholarly communication in terms of how the library can assure copyrights of authors, considering the complications of the internet.   He encouraged faculty to communicate, preferably via email, any concerns or information they would like to see the committee address.

New Business:


Chair Ametsbichler went over the first reading of the Elections Procedures bylaw amendment. 


Unfinished Business:
The Recorder Bylaw Amendment was approved by unanimous consent.

The Voting Group Bylaw amendment was approved by unanimous consent.


The Voting Group Article Amendment was approved by unanimous consent.   The Senate was reminded that amendments to the articles require a vote by the faculty at large and therefore will receive an email to this effect.

Good and Welfare:


Senator Beck announced that the site for the new Native American Building will be blessed tomorrow morning at sunrise by representatives from all 12 tribes.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm.

utoL&-aNNom-alt:auto; line-height:normal'>Senator Putnam announced that on Friday, April 13th, the Undergraduate Research Conference is being held all day at the University Center.  It is also in need of judges. There are currently over 80 presenters registered.  Contact the Davidson Honors Collage.  In addition the Montana Academy of Sciences Conference is taking place the same weekend in Butte.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.

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New Business:

New Academic Policy
The Worklife and Spousal Employment Policy is available for review and discussion.   It will be voted on at the next meeting in accordance with the bylaws.

President Dennison informed the Senate that the policy was drafted at the request of the PACE Group.  It is working to pull together various procedures, practices and policies to make them accessible.  It isn't anything new; it includes current practice, and procedures that are in the collective bargaining agreement.

Sabbatical/Leave Bylaw Amendment
The Sabbatical/leave Bylaw amendment was available for consideration and will also be voted on in October in accordance with the bylaws. 

Senator Vonessen recommended the correction of a typo in the last sentence.  It will be corrected for the next reading.


Good and Welfare:
The reception is located upstairs. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:43pm.