Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2006

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: A. Borgmann, C. Fiore, M. DeGrandpre, N. Hassanein, L. Hayes, T. Herron, J. Hirstein, M. McClintock, N. Moisey, T. Thibeau, G. Stanley

Members Absent/Excused: D. Erickson

Ex-officio members Present: Dean Strobel, Arlene Walker-Andrews


Chair Hayes called the meeting to order at 12:10p.m.

The minutes from 10/4/06 were approved by unanimous consent




  • Chair Hayes provided a brief update of some of the news presented at the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Meeting.
  • 1. Jed Liston- Enrollment: student numbers are up but credit hours are down.
  • 2. Bill Muse-10/6/06 projected contingency fund shortfall: $301,334
  • 3. VP Branch- Scholarship / Awards / Fee-waiver status report: $388,769 projected over budget.
  • 4. VP Duringer: Heating tunnels will be under construction next year.
  • Program review criteria workgroup has drafted a list of criteria and will circulate this electronically to members.

Unfinished Business


  • The curriculum vitae of the Educational Leadership and Counseling Faculty were reviewed. The faculty research is sufficient. Most of the department's faculty members have a degree from UM. The final report should include a friendly recommendation that future hiring should include faculty from other institutions.
  • There was discussion about the Bertha Morton allocation process and the total number of applications accepted. A subcommittee including Professors Moisey and Fiore, as well as Dean Strobel will evaluate the allocation formula and make recommendations for improvements. If the recommendation is to increase the overall number of applications accepted, then the Council could consider dividing the workload according to subcommittees.


New Business

  • The Science subcommittee chair, Professor DeGrandpre disseminated a summary of the curriculum changes. The items listed as OK were approved with the exception of HS UG 325. The Council recommended that the department be asked to change the course to HS UG 425. There were two courses (BIOL UG 444 and 445) that required graduate increment clarification. Departments still consider a longer paper equivalent to graduate level work. With regard to the title change for PUBH 599 to Professional Paper or Portfolio; it was recommended that a separate course number be established for Portfolio to distinguish between the two tracks of students.

    There were several concerns regarding the proposed Computational Science Ph.D program.
  • o Whether the IGERT students fit into the program
  • o Course choice not discussed with the Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • o Concerns with continuity related to the 7 member Oversight Steering Committee
  • o Why is an off campus committee member required for the student committee
  • o How will the cognate discipline be evaluated
  • o The course load is too large for interdisciplinary development

In addition, the Council discussed the math department's lack of inclusion in the discussion (with the exception of the math faculty involved with IGERT), whether or not the math courses required were at a high enough level, and why these students could not utilize other PhD options in cognate disciplines.   The program looks more like a PhD in Computer Science than a true interdisciplinary program. 

The chair of Computer Science will be informed of the Council's concerns and asked to reply in writing; otherwise he will be invited to a meeting when time allows which may not be until spring semester.

Discussion on the proposed Speech Pathology Program was postponed until the Schools subcommittee is also prepared to be involved.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.