Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2006

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: A. Borgmann, T. Cossitt M. DeGrandpre, D. Erickson, N. Hassanein L. Hayes, T. Herron, J. Hirstein, R. Malecki, M. McClintock, N. Moisey, T. Thibeau, G. Stanley

Members Absent/Excused: C. Fiore, Arlene Walker-Andrews

Ex-officio members Present: Dean Strobel

Chair Hayes called the meeting to order at 12:10p.m.

The minutes from 11/29/06 were approved.



  • ECOS met with President Dennison on Monday with regard to the Communicative Disorders / Speech Pathology Program. It decided to put the program on the Faculty Senate agenda under new business as an information item for vote at the February meeting.
  • The IIP admissions committee has one complete application to review.

Unfinished Business


  • The following curriculum follow-up items were approved.

    UG DAN 425 and UG DRAM 310.
    Professor Thibeau persuaded the department to remove the G status for
    DRAM 311
  • The committee discussed and revised the Program Review Guidelines.

Graduate Program Review Guidelines (approved 12/6/06)

  • I. Graduate Curriculum and Teaching
  • a. Enrollments in program and courses
  • b. Assessment of program and courses (entrance requirements, graduation requirements, quality of program, etc)
  • c. Rationale for program including/excluding courses (if any 300-level courses, why; if 400-level courses, why) - comparison of program to other University programs of similar nature.
  • d. Student Support and Feedback (mentoring, advising, program culture, funding, etc)
  • II. Academic Record of Faculty
  • a. Teaching (Number of classes/courses/term/year, Number of student advisees)
  • b. Scholarly contributions (publications, creative works, grant generation, etc.)
  • c. Service (to department, college, university and profession)
  • III. Facilities
  • a. Office
  • b. Lab/classrooms/studios
  • c. Library
  • d. Information technology
  • e. Special needs
  • IV. Management
  • a. Decision making and distribution of departmental resources
  • b. Selection and support of Graduate Director and how a
  • c. Student participation in program governance
  • d. Student recruitment
  • V. Student Evaluation
  • a. Review of overall student performance and progress
    1. Student experiences appropriate to their professional goals
    2. Timely communication of student deficiencies and an opportunity to remediate
    3. Mechanisms to promote retention and completion
  • VI. New Directions and Recommendations
  • a. Trends in the field (How are the faculty/department keeping up with the trends in field? Are courses being revised, re-written?)
  • b. Recommendations
  • VII. Other

New Business

  • Program Review updates
    Professor Moisey is requesting additional information from the graduate program director. The department did not seek re-accreditation of the graduate program. It appears that there is little support for the graduate program. Students don't notice a difference between the undergraduate and graduate program.

    Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science and Geosciences reviews are underway.
  • The MIS workgroup has researched other MIS programs and found that very few exist in larger schools, and most did not resemble UM's program.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.