Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2007

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: A. Borgmann, T. Cossitt, M. DeGrandpre, D. Erickson, C. Fiore, N. Hassanein, L. Hayes, T. Herron, R. Malecki, M. McClintock, J. McNulty, N. Moisey G. Stanley, T. Thibeau

Members Absent/Excused:

Ex-officio members Present: Dean Strobel, Arlene Walker-Andrews

Chair Hayes called the meeting to order at 12:10p.m

The minutes from 3/7/07 were approved.       

Graduate Council will not meet for the next two weeks.  Bertha Morton's are due the week after spring break.


Unfinished Business:

Computational Science Memo
The Council edited the document that will be sent to the chairs of Computer Science and Mathematical Science.

Program Review
The Council approved revisions to the document for Journalism.

Curriculum Follow-up
Graduate increment revisions were received for the UG courses in the Field Ecology Option and the courses were approved.

The Council has concerns about the graduate increment in general.  The criteria for an appropriate increment are somewhat nebulous.  In the fall the Council considered a proposal to eliminate the graduate increment.  Eventually, outcomes assessment will be required at the graduate level for accreditation.  The graduate increment will be clarified in the outcomes.  The Council could be proactive and plan for this eventuality.  UG courses that sometimes have 35-40 students don't fit the ideal for graduate education.  Graduate students often do not feel challenged in these courses and would benefit from a more rigorous expectation.

Pre-Doctoral Associates Proposal
The Council reviewed the additional description of the proposal provided from the department of Mathematics.   There was concern regarding the apparent tuition loss of the pre-doctoral associates.  This would be made up by new students taking course credits.   The department would be able to accept additional students into the program.  It has viable applicants.  The possibility was discussed with 5 advanced student teaching assistants and all were supportive of the idea. The Department of Mathematical Science allows students to be on support for 5 years.  So it is presumed they would have a combination of TA's and PDA's over 5 years.  Other universities have utilized similar approaches. The department should be able to determine whether the program is working within three years.   The Council approved the proposal unanimously.

Program Review Update:
Associate Provost Walker-Andrews indicated that the external reports have been received for EVST and Communication Studies and will be posted to Blackboard.



The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.