Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2007

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: A. Borgmann, T. Cossitt,  D. Erickson, C. Fiore, N. Hassanein, L. Hayes, T. Herron, R. Malecki, M. McClintock, J. McNulty, T. Thibeau

Members Absent/Excused: M. DeGrandpre, N. Moisey, G. Stanley, Arlene Walker-Andrews

Ex-officio members Present: Dean Strobel

Chair Hayes called the meeting to order at 12:10p.m

The minutes from 3/14/07 were approved.       


Bertha Morton's applications were due on Wednesday this week.  They will be posted next week.  The Council decided on a deadline to have them reviewed of April 20th. It was noted that although the additional criteria (evidence of contribution to society) approved by the Council did not make the announcement, it could be considered as part of additional achievements and creative activity in terms of scoring.  It is still unclear whether scholarship/fellowship is the correct term to be used for the award.  The tax implications will be reviewed and reported back to the Council for a possible change next year.

Camie will post the applications on Blackboard and identify what applications the generalists will review in accordance with the new procedures.

Professor Erickson reported that as the chair of the IIP Oversight Committee he will have a student progress report next week.  Last years recommendations stipulated that an Oversight Committee member would attend the student's dissertation defense.  He will have a list of students dissertations scheduled this spring so members can volunteer to attend.   There is some question whether this component of the recommendations was discussed.

Curriculum Items
The Professional Schools subcommittee reviewed the proposal to split Educational Leadership and Counseling into two departments, along with a new option in Counseling Education and associated new courses.  The subcommittee received responses to questions from the department Chair and these were distributed to the Council. According to last year's program review, the Council recommended that the Counseling faculty might be combined with either school or counseling psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. The subcommittee recommended that the proposals be tabled and the Counseling faculty consider possibilities of working with faculty in Psychology structurally.   The Counsel agreed.


Workgroup Update
Professor Borgmann indicated that it is still not clear whether there is a problem that the three credit continuous registration will solve.  The workgroup has looked at the data and the efforts of other universities.  However, it is waiting to view data that have been adjusted by subtracting the acceptable 1 credit cases such as Psychology students on internships and Peace Core students. Nationally, graduate students are taking longer to graduate.  The workgroup is not equipped with the funding or staff to find a solution in such a short time.  It will likely recommend that an investigation of effective practices take place by a consulting group.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

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