ASCRC Minutes 3/20/07


Members Present: B. Bach, I. Crummy, L. Economides, J. Eglin, J. Graham, C. Henderson, J. Luckowski, K. Nalty, A. Tabibnejad, L. Tangedahl, H. Thompson, A. Szalda-Petree, P. Silverman

Members Absent/Excused: L. Hamilton, V. Hedquist, T. Ness

Ex-Officio Present: D. Micus, M. Hoell A. Walker-Andrews

Chair Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.

The 3/13/07 minutes were approved     


Unfinished Business

Curriculum follow-up


CRT 111, Fluency in Information Technology was approved. It was missing the signature of the dean and did not make the consent agenda, but the Science and Math Subcommittee previously reviewed it.  The item was approved.

HHP 255, Intermediate Rock Climbing and the level II proposal to change the Athletic Training Option to a major were reviewed by the Education and Fine Arts subcommittee and were presented as a seconded motion.  The items were approved. 

General Education Model Discussion

Professor Eglin presented a General Education Model.  It eliminates the hidden requirements in the major. The committee discussed the model and made some modifications. Although, the natural science requirement was proposed as three credits, it was reinstated at 6 with a vote of 7 in favor, 2 opposed and 1 abstention.

1. English Writing Skills                                                              6
      ENEX 101 or equivalent

      One approved writing course       

     Successfully pass the WPA

     Upper-division writing expectation                                                                

2. Math Literacy                                                                                   3           

3. Foreign Language, or          8
     Symbolic Systems              6
     (only when courses are required by the students major)

4. Expressive Arts                                                                                3           

5. Literary & Artistic Studies                                                                3           

6. Historical & Cultural Studies                                                             3           

7. Social Sciences                                                                                3           

8. Natural Science (Include one lab)                                                     6

9. Diversity & Intercultural Awareness

10. Ethics and Human values required by the department                                    

All courses must be foundational, as reflected in the current course title and/or course description.

All courses must be at least 3 credits

Courses may meet more than one requirement

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.