ASCRC Minutes 9/19/06


Members Present: B. Bach, I. Crummy, S. Derry, J. Eglin, V. Hedquist, C. Henderson J. Luckowski, A. Szalda-Petree, A. Tabibnejad, H. Thompson

Members Absent/Excused: D. Duncan D. Micus, R. Nalty, P. Silverman, A. Walker-Andrews


Ex-Officio Present: M. Hoell, Diane Flamand for Registrar

Guest: Jon Tompkins, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences


Chair Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order at 2:11 p.m.

The minutes from 9/12/06 were approved.


  • Members introduced themselves. Rob Browning was welcomed to the committee.

Unfinished Business

  • Holly Thompson agreed to serve as interim chair-elect.
  • The committee discussed the latest revision to the general education model. There is a potential problem with a lower-division ethics requirement. Only two departments currently offer lower division ethics courses and this was a lengthy debate at the Faculty Senate. Modern and Classical Languages and Literature is strongly against giving departments the option of a foreign language requirement. A foreign language requirement would push general education to 40 credits which will be problematic for students in accredited programs.

    It was proposed that one of the natural science courses be re structured to combine math and science that among other criteria would require reading and interpreting graphs and representing mathematical data.

    Departments have the responsibility of crafting the major and will likely require additional math and writing, but will not include ethics or foreign language. Ethics is unique to UM's general education program and could be salvaged.

    It was agreed to put forward a simple plan that requires 3 credits in each of the categories and gives departments the choice for writing courses. Thus if departments wish not to develop a lower-division writing course specific to the major they can specify their students take the second composition course.

Composition and Writing                                              3 credits

-ENEX 101

-the Writing Proficiency Assessment     

Cultural Diversity                                                          3

Foreign Language                                                         3

Ethics                                                                           3

Expressive Arts                                                            3

Historical and Cultural Studies                           3

Literary and Artistic Studies                                          3

Mathematics                                                                 3         

Natural Sciences                                                           3                                 

Social Sciences                                                 3

   Total General Education:    30 semester credits

  • § All general education courses are foundational and must be at the 100- and 200-level.
  • § All general education courses must be at least 3 credits.
  • § ASCRC will determine criteria for inclusion of courses for general education.
  • § ASCRC and Faculty Senate will review general education courses on a 3-year cycle.
  • § Departments will determine the courses that satisfy their major lower and upper-division writing and technology requirements.

There was concern that language classes don't exist in a three credit format.  The committee understands that any one model will not satisfy every department, but it is time to let the discussions take place at the department level.  

Another issue is that general education has never been funded and a significant reorganization would require an influx of resources. 

It was noted that the revised preamble contained in the draft document was not discussed by ASCRC.  The committee reviewed the preamble that was crafted by the General Education Committee and approved by the Faculty Senate.  The model attempts to meet the spirit of the preamble.  The difficult work will be in developing criteria and reviewing courses.  The preamble should be used as a reference in this process.

New Business:

  • The elimination of BIO 312 and 313 from the science perspective is creating some difficulty in the HHP Applied Health Science and Athletic Training options. Holly Thompson is looking into the issue and will contact Scott Richter, the HHP curriculum committee chair. The courses are not appropriate for general education.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.