ASCRC Minutes 10/16/07


Members Present:, J. Cox, I. Crummy, L. Economides, J. Graham, S. Gauthier, S. Lodmell, J. Luckowski P. Muench, K. Nalty, H. Thompson, P. Silverman, L. Tangedahl, G. Weix

Members Absent/Excused: J. Burfeind, E. Henderson T. Hunter, M. Nielsen, A. Walker-Andrews

Ex-Officio Present: M. Hoell, D. Micus

Guest: Associate Dean Tompkins

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.

The minutes from 10/2/07 were approved.  



The General Education Framework was approved by the Faculty Senate.  ECOS will discuss the charge and membership to the subcommittees drafting the descriptions this week.

Business Items: - Curriculum Review


Ethics Subcommittee

The Ethics Subcommittee reviewed three courses and recommends they be approve for ethics designations.  There was one question regarding a course requesting approval for both the Core and Specialized designation.  The distinction between the two designations has lost its significance since only one course is required. 

Two of the courses are experimental and one is being offered for a second time and requested a second one-time-only general education designation.  This caused some concern.


The courses were approved with one member opposed.


Science Subcommittee

Each proposal was reviewed by the Subcommittee Chair, Professor Graham and two members of the subcommittee.  The summary included comments from the members on various proposals.  The Mathematics department is proposing a significant structural change that is mirrored by the College of Technology Mathematics Program within Applied Arts and Science.  One change relates to the Board of Regents mandate that all remedial courses be taught by the College of Technology. The other change creates two new courses College Algebra (MATH111) and Functions & Trigonometry (MATH112) to bridge the gap between Intermediate Algebra (MAT 100) and Precalculus (MATH121).  This transition will have a huge impact on advising.

Several changes were noted on the summary that were agreed on by the requesting departments in response to concerns from the subcommittee. 

Registrar Micus recommends that the Applied Computing and Electronics submit additional courses to be cross-listed with the new NRG rubric, rather than listing just two courses under the Energy Technology section in the catalog.  Camie will follow-up with the department.

The proposals on the summary were approved with the exception of Geosciences and Physics because the meeting ran out of time.  


Good & Welfare - none

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.