ASCRC Minutes 8/28/07


Members Present: I. Crummy, L. Economides,  J. Graham, S. Gauthier, T. Hunter, J. Luckowski, P. Muench, K. Nalty, M. Nielsen , H. Thompson,  P. Silverman, L. Tangedahl, G. Weix

Members Absent/Excused:


Ex-Officio Present: M. Hoell, D. Micus, A. Walker-Andrews

Guest: Associate Dean Tompkins

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.

New members were welcomed and committee members introduced themselves.

The minutes from 4/24/07 were approved.  The Philosophy department would like to appeal the removal of PHIL 340 from the Literary and Artistic Perspective    



  • A workgroup met over the summer to incorporate concerns expressed by the Faculty Senate into the general education model.
  • The President would like the committee to consider increasing the number of upper-division credits required for a bachelor degree.
  • The Department of Mathematics is considering a mechanism that requires students to fulfill their math proficiency requirement by their sophomore year. Chair Thompson recommended that the chair meet with Registrar Micus to discuss options and then develop appropriate catalog language for ASCRC to review.
  • Members were provided with a packet of information and encouraged to review the policies and procedures to determine whether some of the information is outdated.
  • The committee is still short one member each from social science and science.


Business Items:

  • Professor Silverman volunteered to serve as the ASCRC liaison on the Writing Committee.
  • Student member Kevin Nalty volunteered to serve on the Graduation Appeals Committee
  • There were no volunteers for Chair-elect.
  • Subcommittee chairs were confirmed and the list amended.

General Education Model

  • The committee expressed concerns regarding the revised model. There is possible overlap with the Math requirement and symbolic systems. It should be clear that students can test out of the foreign language requirement. These options could impact the required credits. The terminology that replaces western and non-western will likely be debated. The Native American Studies Department should be consulted. It was questioned whether these requirements should be listed separate as add-ons. The last descriptive statement was edited.


Revised Model


Group I:  English Writing Skills

  • 1. ENEX 101 (unless exempted) 3
  • 2. One designated Writing Course (either lower division or upper division) 3
  • 3. Take and pass the Writing Proficiency Assessment (WPA) 0
  • 4. Upper-Division Writing Requirement (as specified by major department) 0-3

Group II:  Mathematics                                                                                                 3


Group III: Modern and Classical Languages or Symbolic Systems                          0-10 or 3-6

A two semester language sequence is the default option (test out provisions apply).  Students may substitute a symbolic system sequence required by their major and approved by ASCRC.

Group IV:  Expressive Arts                                                                                            3

Group V: Literary and Artistic Studies                                                                            3

Group VI: Historical and Cultural Studies                                                                        3

Group VII:  Social Sciences                                                                                          3

Group VIII:  Ethics and Human Values                                                                           3

Group IX: American and European Perspectives                                                              3

Group X: Indigenous and Global Perspectives                                                     3

Group XI:  Natural Sciences                                                                                          6

One course must include a laboratory experience.     

                                                                                                                  Total       27-49

Some courses may satisfy both the "Writing Course" requirement (I.2) and one of the Groups IV through XI.

Some courses may satisfy both Group II and Group III Symbolic Systems.

Some courses may satisfy both Group IX and one of the Groups IV through VIII.

Some courses may satisfy both Group X and one of the Groups IV through VIII.

All General Education courses must be at least 3 credits, must be introductory and foundational, and have no more than one pre-requisite.  ASCRC may allow exceptions for upper-division courses and courses fewer than three credits, with sufficient justification.


Certificate Guidelines

  • The proposed guidelines are the outcome of the workgroup efforts last year, a search of other universities guidelines and input from individuals involved with certificates on campus. Individuals with concerns about the guidelines will be invited to next week's discussion.

Standards for Online Courses

  • The draft standard for online courses was developed by the Online Committee last year and submitted to ASCRC for review with the committee's yearend report. There is a new online director who should have the opportunity to revise the draft. A meeting of the Online Committee will be called so that revisions may be made prior to ASCRC's consideration. The committee is planning to develop best practices this year. The director will be invited to the ASCRC meeting when the draft is discussed on 9/11/07.

Other pending items

  • The dormant course list will be available this fall for review by ASCRC. Members requested that the repeat fee issue be added to pending items. The Executive Committee of the Senate is meeting with the Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Registrar the first week in October in order to get a clear picture of the financial implications. Student member Scott Gauthier volunteered to research the issue if needed. Historical and Cultural Studies and Social Science perspectives are scheduled for review this spring. Other issues the committee should explore when time allows are advanced placement credit and international baccalaureates.

Good and Welfare

  • Academic Affairs might consider offering workshops for faculty on the curriculum process and other areas of new faculty mentoring.
  • The Advising Committee for the Center for Teaching Excellence will be evaluating the Centers mission this fall and will advertise for a new director in January.
  • The summer intervention pilot project involved 25 students. Twenty one of them improved their GPA significantly.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.